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  1. Hi Sea-sidelady, Got to file tomorow, I am claiming £988.00 plus interest. I have started to fill out my MCOL and got to the Particulars of Claim bit. I am not quite sure what I should be writing. Can you help? Thanks Scottie
  2. Hi Sea-side lady, My LBA deadline is up on Tuesday, do you think I should ring the Halifax, have had no contact from them since prelim "8 week fobbing off letter". I have been looking at the MCOL and not sure about the Particulars of Claim bit. Can you help? Also in your experience what usually happens when the claim is served, what is the Halifax's next move "normally". Any help appreciated. Scottie
  3. Hi, mrsm, I have sent my LBA and 14 days is up this Tuesday. Did you get a response to your LBA within the 14 days?
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