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  1. Hi everyone, Have already got a separate thread for my current account, for which I am awaiting Halifax to enter a defence. Thought I better set up a new thread for my Visa account. I have issued LBA and 14 days was up on the 15th May. Held on because of what happened with Lloyds but now feel confident enough to continue with my claim against them. Just got a few questions. 1. Is the particulars of claim the same for Visa accounts as it is current accounts? 2. Any other proceedures I have to do differently? My claim is for Charges £453, Interest £153.49 = £606.49 Can anyone help? Please
  2. Gr8 news seaside - hope my claims goes as well. Halifax have acknowledged my claim and intend to defend - not sure what happens now though???
  3. Hi Chinny Congrats, where were you (at what stage) Did you file at court and if so when?
  4. Is there any different procedures I have to follow for Halifax Visa? Should I use the Dunferline address on MCOL or Trinity Rd? Any help appreciated.
  5. I've got anopther one on the go at LBA stage with Halifax Visa. Got to file tomorrow - might give them a ring before I do though. Might be lucky.
  6. Presume so, I should get a letter from court in next couple of days confirming their intention - basically gives them more time to stall - pay up!! I HOPE.
  7. Hi Mack, They must be dealing with claims in date order!! I was a day behind you and Halifax have acknowledged my claim today. Did you get a letter from the court confirming the acknowledgment? They seem to be going to the wire when paying out claims. Is the 28 days from the date issued or served?
  8. Hi Chinnygirl, Halifax have now acknowledged my claim waiting for a letter from court.
  9. Hi everyone, 14 days is up for Halifax Visa tomorrow. - Is the procedure any different to that of Halifax Current account ie: template letters? And when filling out MCOL, should I put trinity rd address or the dunfermline address (which is where correspondence has come from and previous letters have been sent)?
  10. Can anyone help, How do I go about finding account numbers for old, closed credit cards I have had in the past?
  11. Hi, Sanand My brother is at exactly same stage as you. He has been trying to get his statements and has sent letters, telephoned - only to be tole same as you. Only diff is they cashed his cheque on the 7th April. Still no statements!! Can only suggest you keep ringing them - he has been ringing every few days. Not much help I know, but at a loss at what to suggest next - Like you he is getting really peed off. He sent his SAR a week after me and I filed proceedings on the 1st May!! Keep your chin up.
  12. Sorry, just seen you posted today. You will probably get a few more letters like that before the end it out. Just ignore them, stick to your timescales and use the guildelines, templates and if you need any help all you have to do is shout on here.
  13. Hi Sidder, I am helping my brother claim his charges and am having exactly the same problems as you. We have been waiting and waiting, sent the non compliance letter and had the same responses as you. They are def taking the P***!!!!!. My brother has been phoning them every couple of days - just to keep on there case. To no evail yet.
  14. Hi Chinnygirl, I have also filed and the Halifax have until the 21st May to file a defence. Haven't heard a dickie bird yet. I will be keeping an eye on your thread!
  15. Chin up Mack, The hardest bit is the waiting, but think of the reward at the end of it. I'm a day behind you, filed on the 1st May. Will be keeping a keen eye on your thread - I haven't heard anything yet either - they haven't filed a defence yet.
  16. Hi Mack How are you getting on with your claim. Have you got a thread? Have been trying to find one, you replied to my thread and we are at the same stage near enough. I filed on the 1st May, deemed served 8th and they have until the 21st May to file a defence. Heard nothing yet - what about you?
  17. Hi seaside, Im at similar stage to you, has your claim been acknowledged? Halifax have until the 21st to file a defence. do you think I should send a simlar letter to them? If so, where did you get the letter from? Is it is the temp library. Any help appreciated sea-side.
  18. Hi J I just put total in the letter and on the schedule of charges to be attached put the detail (SAR Statement Charge) on the spreadsheet.
  19. Hi, got my issue acknowledgement from MCOL last week saying my claim would be deemed served on the 8th May - keeping looking at the status on MCOl has nothing has changed, still says "issued 2/5/07" is this right or should the status have changed by now? Any help greatly appreciated
  20. Can anyone help. I am also thinking of claiming against other bank charge offenders ie; credit cards I have had in the past but are now closed, I don't have the numbers for these. Is there anyway I can find out? Thanks
  21. Had a letter this morn from Halifax, saying they have 4 weeks to respond. AGAIN. Wait til they get served on Monday!
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