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  1. thanks freaky leaky, might take an hour to think about it woul be nice asap thanks for your support have a great easter
  2. hi stroke a badger, this was after the court letter
  3. thank you freakyleaky that was what i was thinking and anything has to be a plus as i thought i would never see it again. if i take it further that is another 100 pounds
  4. hi jaykay24 i have asked hsbc themselves about if they close accounts and they said they don't want to lose the customers they have
  5. hi all have sent the court letter 23rd march they recieved it and i've had a letter back today saying they will offer me 1,911.60 total claim was for 2,601.60 any advice?
  6. glad i'm not on my own it was just a bit scary
  7. hi,on the top of the letter it says notice that acknowledgement of service has been filed, its says that they have 28 days to reply
  8. hi all, very worried now recieved letter from dg soliciters saying they are going to defend please help
  9. thank you for your help all the best
  10. thank you cognito i will not back down but i'm very nervous never done this before:eek:
  11. Hi to all, i'm waiting to hear from my bank, i've sent lba and the 14 days were up today what do i do now? do i wait a few days or do i proceed to the next action?
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