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  1. Thank you IMS i think i now finally have my head around it all Have a great day lt4waf
  2. Thank you DX and IMS for taking the time to help me out. The spreadsheet you attached has made things very easy to work out thank you. I've filled it out and have the total for the 60 months which concluded in Oct 2003 and is £4,229.92 It is now 2011, am i allowed to claim the interest on £4,229.92 between Oct 2003 and now at 8% also? If this money was in the bank or invested it would have grown since 2003. Thanks again, you've been a big help in getting me to understand where i stand. lt4waf
  3. Hello I love this place, and i can usually dig out the information i need in order to assist me with my questions. I'm having a lot of trouble getting my head around the interest i should be adding to my PPI claim however. I have downloaded the CAG PPI Calculator excel sheet (attached), and i think i've filled it out right, though i cannot be certain. If there is anyone out there that would be so generous as to have a wee peek at my figures and results below from the calculator and comment i'd be very grateful. Some background.... I'm actually about to claim for 2 unsecu
  4. ~wakes up from deep sleep~ I really should remember to look in on a more regular basis! Hello PT, what an honour to have you look in! Prior to this i'd read a whole load of threads and noted the great advice and generous work you do. The wording of the order is:- IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The claim form is struck out. 2. The claimant do by 22 May 2008 file a fully particularised claim form and particulars of claim. ------------------ I was a bit unsure as to what to do next as the 22nd has been and gone, and i've received nothing. I called the court
  5. Update.......... Filled out the AQ and handed in to the court a couple of weeks ago. Received a letter yesterday. Judge has given the claimant 21 days to do things properly! That's all for now.......
  6. Back Again!! and as someone once said, 'Hullo Mole!' Sorry i don't have an answer to your question. Just to update my thread, i have now received an Allocation Questionairre (Form N149) and the case has been moved to my local court. I have received nothing further from IND on behalf of FV-1, and nor have i received anything direct from FV-1. All i have been sent from IND is a dodgy copy of the sale agreement between HSBC and FV-1 incorporated. Outstanding is the CCA, Notice of Assignment, Default Notice, basically everything the original CPR request asked for. I h
  7. I completely agree, but as the front and rear sensors are identical save for a few millimetres it would have been difficult to notice it was the wrong part. If i'd known or been made aware of the correct part number before hand then obviously i would have nipped this in the bud earlier. However as the main dealer diagnosed and ordered the part for me, i don't think that it is a customer requirement to avail themselves of the correct part number just incase the dealer messes up. (Although in future i will! lol). I think what it boils down to is i've been sold something that isn
  8. Thanks for the reply Conniff. I understand what you are saying, but i think in this case it is the main dealer just being negligent. The part number for the front and rear abs sensors differ by one digit. For Reference:- Front ABS Sensor SSB000150 Rear ABS Sensor SSB000160 The main dealer diagnosed the front sensor needed replacing, and specifically ordered the part for me. Which arrived a couple of days later. When the fitting garage informed me it didn't quite fit i queried the part number with the main dealer. They insisted they'd given me the correct one.
  9. Hello Everyone, In a rush to get this sorted out, anyone with knowledge of the following situation then a swift response would be most gratefully appreciated. To cut a long story short, ordered a part from a main dealer based on their diagnosis. Took part to another garage to fit as their labour charge is way lower than the main dealer. Garage have fitted the part only to discover it doesn't quite fit properly, because it is the wrong part. Need a front abs sensor, supplied incorrectly with a rear one instead. Have phoned the main dealer and getting a refund is no pr
  10. Thanks ever so much for the quick response Rory, your help is very much appreciated.
  11. Hello, Well the damn Dell scanner decided to give up and die on me, so wasn't able to scan in the reply from IND. With easter and things, i've let this drop from the top of my list somewhat! Tried to get through to the Court today to check the date the defence has to be in by but on hold for too long. I believe it is due in the next few days so could someone please please please help with a holding defence. After my CPR request i still have not received a credit agreement, a notice of assignment, and i don't believe i've ever received a default notice either. If
  12. Just trying to change the title of me thread doh.....it no work! ah well
  13. Update...... Now just need a further nudge in the right direction if at all possible... Claimant: FV-1 Defendant: Me. All correspondance to: IND Today i received a reply to my CPR request from IND. The only document IND have provided is a copy of the Account Sale Agreement between FV-1 inc and HSBC Bank plc & HSBC Trustee (C.I) Limited. Noticed the page numbering goes "Page 1, Page 2, Page 6, No Page number (which is the page that details my account), Page 36, and Page 36 again! (at least it looks like 36, it is ineligible really.)" I'll scan it in too. Are
  14. Hey Boro I'm in the exact same situation as you with a claim from FV-1 using IND with that PO BOX address. I've posted a link to my thread..... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/133012-help-received-claim-form.html?highlight=IND I sent the CPR off to the IND PO Box address by special delivery, and it was signed for the next day. (I took a screen shot of the royal mail tracking number confirmation of delivery page as further proof incase of any future shenanigans!) I'm not sure why certain post offices are refusing to send to PO Boxes. I know t
  15. An update..... Request for Information sent via special delivery...... Will complete acknowledgement of service online tonight.... Suppose it's a waiting game now to see what turns up from the claimant. Thanks All
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