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  1. Hi everyone just to let you know the Halifax credited £2900 into bank account on 6 April 8 days before there deadline..... good luck to you all..
  2. thanks chris I rang then today, mind you it took 45 minutes before I got through, well worth the wait
  3. go chris go i was a bit like you nervous not sure whether to do it or not and today halifax have offered me the full amount over the phone. 28.02.07 prelim letter 14.03.07 LBA 28.03.07 Letter Offer of £1900 29.03.07 offer of £2900 over telephone so hang in there and keep us informed
  4. thanks...don't you just great satisfaction.......after all the down heartedness they give you when taking it in the first place....... Can't wait to tell everyone about it and ncourage them to claim there charges back and of course about the website as it is great knowing thatthere is support out there:p
  5. Hi everyone I have just rang Halifax Customer Relations in Leeds and spoke with Barbara Newnes Review Manager to refuse my offer of £1900 and low and behold she has offered me £2900 which is £100 over the top.....accepted of course......to be paid into my account within 14 days we will have to see what happens and if nothing within 14 days MCOL here we come.... To all you new budding claimers go on do it...........I was very nervous but believe me when you the offer and accepted what a high.........it will be a bit of a celebration when money goes into the bank, my partner is now asking for us to look into the family business account, so that is m next mission......so go on everyone take the bull by the horns.......
  6. thanks jowalshy as I will try and ring them tomorrow and then use your tactic if nothing happens. cheers and thanks for the support
  7. thanks jaxads may well ring them tomorrow and see what happens if all else fails then i will use the letter jowalshy has kindly sent. I will let you all know the outcome and thanks for all your support.
  8. can you just send me it i am a bit pushed for time cheers much appreciated:rolleyes:
  9. ok will do, where do i find the rejection letter?
  10. the offer was made via letter this afternoon
  11. Hi everyone Just to let you know that the Halifax have offered me £1900 £900 short of what I am claiming any advice out there should I accept of hang in for the lot...... Help
  12. deadline today, heard nothing what shall i do.....anyone out there in similar situation!!!!!
  13. thanks..is there any particular department or do i ring the main switchboard and explian to them.....and they can put me through to the relevant department.....
  14. LBA deadline tomorrow, I have had no response to any of my letters, what should I do? 8) ring them, or complete mcol:-? and get on with it....help......
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