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  1. Thanks Seaside lady, sorry for late reply, had no internet connection for last 10 days hence late reply, I am posting the letters requesting statements tomorrow thanks again Pablo
  2. Thanks for the advice, had no internet connection for nearly 2 weeks hence the late reply, i will read through the thread thanks again Pablo
  3. Hi there, I have just come from the Halifax forum where I am in the process of a claim, ie sent off Prelim Letter. I am now starting to look into helping my mother & father in law reclaim charges from the Abbey, they are both pensioners and are in receipt of income support for the care of my sister in law who is severly disabled. They have seperate bank accounts but both with the Abbey Does anybody know if there are rules about charges against benefits or state pensions, please help???? Also could I act on their behalf or would they have to appear to be making the claim theirselves??
  4. Hi there, I sent my prelim and schedule a week ago by recorded guaranteed next day delivery, Halifax haven't replied yet, should I just go ahead with letter before action next week? I'm fired up now so I now intend to help my mother and father in law get there charges back from the Abbey, is it possible for me to act on their behalf??? rather than them send the letters theirselves, they are pensioners and cannot grasp the procedure nor would they want to represent thierselves in court should it come to that.
  5. Thanks Bigmac, Recorded delivery on Monday then! If I win I'm taking my hubby to Barcelona for a weekend and obviously will make a donation to the site!!
  6. Hi just opened a new parachute account, so I'm ready to roll Quick question - have coped the prelim letter from the library, should I add in the fact that I have copies of all the complaint letters, I have sent over the years also their "sorry you are unhappy letters" to add some strength to my request? Any advice will be appreciated
  7. Up to july 2003, the charge was £20 which would be deducted at the end of the the next month, fairer than current practice! From Aug 2003 Paid item = £20, unpaid item £30 taken 7 days from default, From July 04 Paid item = £30, unpaid = £35, from approx Oct 2005 unpaid item = £39
  8. Its £39 for unpaid Direct Debit, £30 for paid direct debit or debit card payment + £28 if defaults cause your overdraft to exceed £30 of your limit. They cant take more than 3 charges in 1 day so max per day is £145 good luck, pablo:)
  9. Hi there, Took me ages to negotiate the site, never used a thread before, I have read as much as I can on this fab site, I'm in the process of sending my schedule of charges £2,500!! Good luck to you to you too!! Pablo:)
  10. Hi George, Yes thanks, have the prelim letter and will send this week by recorded delivery, however just waiting for details of my credit file to see if Halifax have entered anything negative. cheers Pablo:)
  11. Hi have completed spreadsheet as had all statements, so I intend to send off the PRELIM LETTER this week. I keep seeing the term MANUEL INTERVENTION what does this mean? Should I include something in this letter as I am bypassing the SAR? Please help.
  12. I started a spreadsheet before I visted this site for the first time. I included lots of data, ie references from each letter I have had informing me of charges, this was so I could cross reference with statements. Sometimes I have had several letters in one day and the reference nos are sequential, I have logged them in the correct sequence and have found that they seem to be arranged to apply as many charges as possible, Direct Debit £5, Direct Debit £30, the £30 is taken first taking me above my limit and a £30 charge applied, if the smaller debit of £5.00 had been taken first I would only have had one charge applied! As I have logged 6 years of charges this seems to be a regular occurence. Surely this cannot be legal? Anybody else experienced this?
  13. Thanks Scott I'll look into it, I'm thinking of HSBC cos it would be convenient for me, got a rare local branch, unless anyone advises me otherwise:confused: cheers Pablo:o
  14. I've been charged over £2,800 in the last 6 years, the majority in the last year, I have kept my statements and all the letters they sent me, since Oct 01 plus copies of all the complaints I have made over the last few years, together with the "sorry you are not happy... replies, I have nearly completed by spreadsheet. I certainly intend to follow the steps advised on this site and will use the template letters provided I have read through the FAQ, I have a couple of questions if any one can help, the Halifax complaints procedure advises to contact the financial ombudsman if complaint is not resolved, what would happen if I did? The FAQ advises to open another bank account in case they get nasty and close the account, how easy is this, I thought to open a current account you need to have a salary paid in, not looking forward to this, I have 15 Direct Debits! Can anyone advise? thanks Pablo My have 2 questions
  15. Hi Happyolddog, thankyou, Its the Halifax I'm taking on. That bank that gives you extra! I will read the faqs throughly before proceeding
  16. Quick introduction, I found this site a few weeks ago and can't believe how informative it is and how helpful everybody is giving fantastic advice. I get so frustrated when I get a charge I could scream, anyway after registering with this site I am determined to get my money back I am in the process of putting together a claim, I have kept all my bank statements since November 2001 plus all the letters they sent me. I am not a cyber chick so this all new to me, never been in chatroom or posted a thread before but I'm a quick learner so hopefully I'll pick it all up Pablo:eek:
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