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  1. Thanxs 4 info, alanalana, Being stupid like i am, what do i need 2 do on register of data controllers and their roles. I no im thick :rolleyes: Barbsxxx
  2. Hi, i ave ppi on a car loan taken out last november,the loan is in joint names with my OH, who is the main bread winner,but they ave put me on the policy and not OH,even though they were aware it was in joint names, as i wouldn't ave got the loan just on my income.I was also under the impression i ad to take ppi to get the loan as they kept poining out take my crediting rating wasn't the best. The loan was done through Advantage Finance amount 7157.00. ppi 1664.12 gap 595.00. Any help would be greatly appreciated. xxxxxxx :):):):)
  3. Have just put my claim into the the FOS on Monday,so im just waiting to see what happens,as you say it doesn't cost anything and you can always go down the courts after if you are not happy with the out come. Barbs.
  4. Just google- FOS that will will take you to what you want. Cheers- Barbs
  5. hi simon, What a inspiration, to us all you are, all them knocks and still you keep getting up and fighting. And as for your sense of humour,loved it. Keep us informed and hopefully soon you'll have the last laugh with the "SHABBY" Babrs26
  6. Hi Kev and thanks feeling abit better now i know that there's plenty of us all at the same stage. cheers Barbs.
  7. Hi Alex, On checking statements i had, all my charges came out on the 26th each month.So check statements you have and see if there's a set date that your charges come out. I have used the 26th on my spread sheets since that seems to be the day they take them from my account. chhers Barbs.
  8. Hi All, Im new to A&L site,spend most of my time on abbey threads,as thats who im claiming against. But i am also helping a work colleague, claim her's back from A&L. We are at the stage of submitting into court, so any help from now onwards would be appreciated. Cheers Barbs.
  9. Will probably need some help over next coming weeks, when i finally file at court. So i hope there will be plenty of people about who's ears i can bend. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. barbs26

    kev v abbey

    Hi Kev, Don't think they know what they are doing! But I'll keep an eye on my account this week to see if they decide to give me anything back.(won't bank on it) excuse the pun. :rolleyes: Have put on my thread that i might send them another letter, just to kill time as i can't afford to submit at court until next week. Will add a bit more weight at court that i was prepared to give them abit more time rather than waste the courts time. Barbs.
  11. barbs26

    kev v abbey

    Hi Kev, Just subscribing to your thread,as you seem to be at the same stage as me. Got home from work on Friday to a nice letter from Mr Harris,saying they need another 4 weeks.(I don't think so) But not as lucky as you, no gogw as yet. Barbs.
  12. Just a quick up date, 14 days from lba are up ,all i recieved was the standard letter, stating they needed more time to investigate blah blah blah.............................(need i say more).:o :o :o Have filled in n1 ready for court,just waiting for payday next week for funding. So i am pondering another letter just to pass the time, just to see if i can get somewhere with them before i submit at court.(you never know and if you don't ask you don't get) :rolleyes:
  13. Have recently bought trade car, that had no log book or tax,we had to go to nearest dvla office with current mot certificate and valid insurance certif for car, they taxed it there and then and we paid £19 for a new log book, which we recieved about 2-3 weeks later.
  14. Just a quick up date. 14 days have pasted now since prelim,so lba is done and ready for posting tomorrow(recorded of course). So now for another 14 day wait to see what shabby come up with next!!!!!!!!!!!! Barbs.
  15. well done!!!!!!now what shall we give you next?(lol)
  16. hi Kia and all, you were quick, was just writing exactly the same reply.
  17. well last time i looked i was but if you want clarification i'll take another look(lol).barbs
  18. just popped on to your thread for first time and love the banter can i join in please. barbs
  19. Like precious1, I've been on shabbys case since feb and only recieved final statements about 2 weeks ago. But recieved reply from prelim letter within a week of sending it,(nothing exciting just the usual we'll look into your cimplain and will hopefully be in touch in about 4 weeks. So keep on their case or they will just try and delay as much as they can. Barbs.
  20. what problems are you having with them?There are people on this site who maybe able to help you. cheers barbs
  21. Cheers Knelly,just wanted clarification to what i really knew,don't want to slip up and ruin it all. Thanks again. How's yours going? Ave been reading your thread.
  22. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BARBS:smile:
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