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  1. Interesting news over at http://www.carcreditcomplaints.co.uk it has been announced this morning that Welcome Car Finance is to close with the loss of 130 jobs.
  2. I am presently in talks with the owner to bring this to bring the forum back online.
  3. My friend at work has been advised by rbs they he has committed fraud by not having enough funds in his account when 6 cheques were presented by the money shop for 600. He's an appointment to see them a week Monday I think. Any comments or advice please that I can pass on. John.
  4. Well I saw this post over at car credit complaints forum, another one of the ex directors from tfc now works at chester zoo :D:D Chester Zoo - New Commercial Director Appointed
  5. all main dealerships have finance stocking plans - no need to worry about this, a call to the dealer will sort the problem all they need to do is advise the finance company that they have sold the car. most dealers have funding up to 90 from there finance companies at no interest.
  6. the guys over at Car Credit Complaints may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck John A
  7. you will need to make half of your payment or pay upto the half way of the agreement.
  8. Log a complaint with Vauxhall customer care too - 08450 902 044. They will in turn contact your local dealer which will put pressure on them to sort your issues out.
  9. there a dozens of acf - marlin - customers in the same situation over at Car Credit Complaints have a look there you might be able to pick up some useful info good luck John
  10. Try the guys at Car Credit Complaints when it comes down to car finance agreements im sure they will be able to help out. Good luck John
  11. Try the guys over at Car Credit Complaints they have a heap of similar complaints both about Ucan and Welcome. Happy new year!
  12. You will probably find that your bank will have to honour them as they were presented with a cheque guarantee card.
  13. well the car park has public entrance. Still if you say that the car can not be taken as it is on hire purchase - hopefully there wont be an issue. Are you 100% certain about that. thanks JA
  14. Hello everyone. Can someone please give me some accurate advice for a family member. Does a bailiff have the right to enter a private secure car park anD either clamp or remove a new car that is subject to a new HP agreement. Its an outstanding council tax issue. Many thanks JA
  15. Your spot on there Rooster. It's a good read though! I note the comment:- ''Interestingly a creditor I know says anything with one of those pathetic 'CAG' stickers on the letter goes right to the top of the legal pile!'' What a silly comment to make.
  16. Hello all. Thought I would share the following views/comments with you all - some positive and some negative and some quite amusing. Its from a site/ forum that's set up for dca's and business employee's. It's not a consumer forum just for employee's from within the business. I look forward to reading you comments... Credit Today online JA
  17. Parallel Imports A parallel import is a car bought in from another country but with a UK spec. A popular place for parallel imports is Holland where prices are cheaper. It is now much easier to buy from abroad but there are still drawbacks. Buying may be cheaper but when you go to sell, you won’t get as much as an official UK model. Savings available on European new cars depend upon exchange rates, and you may find specification and warranty packages are less comprehensive than UK cars. Hope this helps JA
  18. Contact the lookers plc head office in Manchester to log a complaint. The Lookers group complaints process is very good and you should get any matters sorted. Your first call to log the complaint will get the ball rolling - they will then contact the branch for you and investigate. Ask to be put through to the complaints dept. Lookers Plc. 776 Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0QH Freephone 0808 144 4044 Fax: 0161 864 2363
  19. There are a number of flaws within many early YCC finance agreements. Where PPI was sold to a customer the breakdown of this within the contract was written wrongly. It was only post 2005 where new contracts were drawn up that were correct. YCC will not challenge any of these cases within a court environment as without doubt they will lose. In 100% of cases that has reached a court date YCC have settled out on condition of the consumer signing a confidentially agreement. The finance contract was then void and outstanding debt written off. John A
  20. It is imperative that no monies should be paid to Go Debt. This business is run illegally - outside of the rules set by dca regulations and trying to obtain monies by deception as Yes Car Credit finance agreements are no longer enforceable. Car Credit Complaints John A.
  21. Try the guys over at Car Credit Complaints there is a forum dedicated to Welcome car finance customers. Good luck. John.
  22. Car Credit Complaints may well be able to advise further on this one.
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