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  1. I got a letter from them offering the £295 + £55 interest which was not bead as I asked for £295 + £61 but I cannot sign it because the letter says that I must agree to not take action against Halifax or anyone else in the group which I do not agree with. I found out though that the only lines in your statement which are fees are the lines named 'Asses' Good Luck!
  2. I am going to call them tomorrow and find out what these things mean, I will let you know. With the one year statements I would report them to the OFT and let them handle it.
  3. I was at a different address but I gave them all the details and went through everything over the phone but still they say they can't find it, what is the route with the OFE?
  4. Hi All, I wrote requesting statements and they sent letter asking me to call, I called and they could not find details of my closed account and asked me to run experian check. I ran check and provided copy to bank showing MBNA as credittor but they just said they can't find it. What should I do now?
  5. Hi All, Does anyone know what the following item lines on statements mean please? ADD'L DISBURSE And CAPITALISATION and ASSESS FEE All are £25 but I don't know what they mean?
  6. On my statement I have all of the charges but I don't understand what 'Total Charges' are for, it does not reflect the charges for the period and it is debitted from the account. Can anyone help?
  7. HSBC Recived my letter asking for them to give me copy statements on the 27th Feb 07, that's 46 days ago I called them last week and they said they would call back yet they failed to do so, today I called and they said they had received it on the 27th Feb and were dealing with it yet but they were busy. Two people at my work sent in a week after me to HSBC but they received their statements, I called the information commissioners office and they told me to write to the bank again. If I take them to court for failure to comply what is likely to happen?
  8. I sent the 1st template letter which was a request for bank statements, on this letter it states that they have 40 days to comply. I sent the letters by recorded delivery and they were received on the 27th Feb 07. I did receive three out of seven letters, 3 did not reply and MBNA sent me a letter saying could I call them as they had problems finding the account, I called them and they were very distant on the phone and said they would be in touch but nothing happened.
  9. Hi All, I have sent letter 1 requesting statements from 7 banks but only 3 have sent them, the others have not responded, what should I do now? Thank You!
  10. My car HP company are telling me that they do not fall under the same laws as banks and that I cannot reclaim charges.
  11. Dear All, Do mortgage and HP finance companies fall under the same lawas as banks or can I not claim charges back from them? Any help much appreciated!
  12. Hi All, Two questions if anyone can help. 1. I have sent letter claiming for around £6K + 9% interest as I was constantly overdrawn and the lowest rate they charged me was 9% so I thought this was quite fair of me to claim this amount. Do you think this is ok? 2. It has been 16 days with no response and I called them and they said that it was not on the system yet as they were getting around two thousand claims per day. Should I bare with them or press on with court? Any help appreciated. Thanks Repro
  13. Hi All, I am going through the Barclays statements and everymonth they charge between £6 to £9 and it just says 'Account Fee', I think this may be for the overdraft facility I am not sure. Can you tell me if this is ok or can it be claimed back? Thanks Repro
  14. All the time I had my Natwest account I was overdrawn at 9% interest, when I submit my claim can I claim for the 9% interest as well as the 8% court fee?
  15. I am going through my Natwest bank Statement to try and reclaim bank charges. I was a sole trader at the time of this account and I have lots of charges for 'Arrangement Fees', does anyone know if it's worth trying to reclaim these? Also if the charges put me into overdraft and I was then charged interest is it worth going for the interest charged for being overdrawn as well as the courts 8% interest? I appreciate any help!
  16. Thank you very much for this information, do you know what address I should send the request for statements to for Natwest cards and business accounts please?
  17. I am going to write to Natwest to get copies of 6 years data for my business credit card and bank account, does anyone know if the address is the same as the Retail Data Protection department please?
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