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  1. Hi All, I am about to put in a claim with HSBC Credit cards, can anyone tell me if I should use the same templates as I would for a bank account claim? Thanks. Repro
  2. Hi All, I have just had a reply from Lloyds stating that I cannot claim because I have mentioned 'Unfair ContractsTerms Act 1977' which they say does not apply as I am a business client. What would be my best move to make now? Any help much appreciated! Repro
  3. Do you have a link to the advanced spreadsheet please?
  4. Where has all the postings gone for this link?
  5. Hi All, Is there any companies that can do all of this for you for a cut?
  6. One thing that confuses me is that I am sending out a letter (lba) which clearly states that they have not responded but they have responded, so why would this be on the letter?
  7. Mant Thanks I will send the lba again.
  8. I don't understand? What is the prelim? the lba I thought was the letter which states that they have not responded, which they have? And what form do I need for the claim? Many thanks for your help in this
  9. The letter before action letter refers to the bank not responding, my bank has responded but stating that they are not willing to pay anything. Should I go straight for court or is there another letter I should send?
  10. Many thanks for the help! Will this be a small claims matter as over £8K? Regards Repro
  11. 26/02/07 - Sent letter requesting statement 14/04/07 - Received statement 16/04/07 - Sent letter requesting charges & Interest to be refunded 07/07/07 - Letter from HSBC saying no refund charges are lawfull
  12. I am claiming over £8,000 from HSBC, I have just had there letter saying that they will not be paying up, can anyone tell me what I should do now? Many Thanks!
  13. Many Thanks, I wondered also as some of my claims are for my business account (Sole Trader) will the templates all be the same for this also?
  14. Hi All, Can anyone tell me if I can use the same legal templates supplied on this site for credit card refunds as the ones for bank refunds?
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions, I do have a spread sheet I update and a filing system and templates of more or less everything. The hard part is dealing with Credit Cards, Banks for personal and business trading a sole trader as I think laws and the way forms are completed etc may be a little different in each case and trying to keep up to date with all is hard work. I just thought it may be easier to let someone do it who does it for a living. Thanks Repro
  16. Hi All, Does anyone know if I can use the templates for personal cases for business cases ie the county court form wording? Also is it the same for credit cards as bank accounts? Thanks Repro
  17. Hi All, I have started getting statements in from 30 financial organisations but it is becoming a lot of grief, is there anyone who can take care of all of my claims for me? Many Thanks Repro
  18. Where is this CCA and Business Accounts?
  19. I have entered a claim to Lloyds for just under £10k and they have sent me a letter stating that because I am a business the unfait contract terms do not apply to me. Can anyone tell me if this is true and what my route should now be?
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