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  1. I go for everones interest gizmo111. Unison are fighting for us, we are not the nhs as they have there payrise before we do. As for the small amount what could be owed to us even if its a couple of pence 'its something'. i must appolgise you must be on good pay as you wouldnt fight for as what you said ' #13 pound in lost interest.
  2. Not agreed to november? i wonder why? Yes the agreement is in progress to be paid out so even though the nhs staff have waited yet again as well as contracted staff... they know this..... there all out playing golf and rubbing there hands using the interest of our pay. I speak for all nhs staff aswell as contracted staff. We want it back.....the interset they've gained..... POWER TO THE PEOPLE
  3. Thats not it.. Talks were made prior to april as to the rise for contracted staff and put on paper the yearly rises.. same really goes to the nhs staff aswell that have to wait even though there's a yearly rise. its like false information.
  4. This is not an argument but the fact remains 'we all in the nhs 'private bodies' get paid an annual rise and wait for it months down the line. Its A Pay rise every year and get it but have to wait. why? it gains huge interest to them with whats owed to us.....
  5. OK, why should we wait and think 'O' Our yearly pay rise, but its ok as we will be paid a backdate from april and think nothing of it. They go through talks every year? which we know we get a yearly pay rise from the nhs and go without untill then. Why? its owed to you and we need to make a stand..
  6. Thanks for your comment gizmo111. the agreement was talked over a year before and put on paper the yearly rates of pay to year april 07.
  7. cheers honey5 for that but mine is a company working for the nhs 'porters & domestics. They are funded for this and wont be at a loss but if you think about it 'why wait for the rises when there owed to you many months down the line to which they make money on your rise?
  8. cheers honey5 but are they going to give you the interest you rightfully deserve since april? this is what i'm fighting for as it's an annual rise for anyone wheather its a doctor' nurse' porter' domestic'. think about it...:o)
  9. Speaking for myself and a thousand more more staff' Why wait months down the line past april (pay rise) and not be given the interest that amount could earn from april? The nhs pay annual rises every year? why wait seven months down the line to get it back? now do you see my point? :o)
  10. Only talks from the union which tell us the nhs will pay. Having said that there was letters a year before giving times when rises will be given.
  11. What I'm tring to say is why wait what is owed to us for months when any person could of had that little extra in a high interest account.
  12. We are due a payrise which dates back to april. Further talks as you might know were in november which is our annual rise. As for a letter? not until the rise is given of course. But as for the rise in pay since april which we have every year but wait months to get "wheres the gained interest which should be given to us??
  13. Does anyone get a written confirmation every year for a payrise? i'm not sure anyone does lula. With NHS or High Authority that does get funded yearly 'do' pay annual rises. Why would the nhs that do get funded there annual pay to pay staff and have to wait months after april to backdate? These people have gained interest in what is rightfully ours?
  14. Yes gizmo111, many months before and unison do know this as i am a union member. Every payrise since they started they held onto for months on end which was agreed prior to the payrises. Unison on the other hand have been great in fighting for us but as for any kind of interest the company might owe? well thats a different story. As for the november agreement the nhs were in talks many months before to give those payrises but what about april? When we do get backdated from then 'say' #100 pounds? well where's the interest from then? Eveyone who works from a shop keeper to a judge gets paid an annual rise in pay??
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