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  1. well its 3 weeks excatly that i sent my prim letter, had a letter saying they had 8 weeks blah blah 1 week after, i have been away so was unable to send lba on the 14day, but today i recived a letter saying they will give me £1639 as a good will and will put in to account in 14days i dont have to sign anything. i will be calling them later as my claim is for £2000, just wondering if anyone knows if they take the full 14days to give money back? HOLIDAY HERE WE COME:D :D
  2. well it will be 7days tommorow that halifax hav had my prim, i have noticed other ppl have had letters saying that 'sorry u not happy bla bla we got 8 weeks ect' but i havent had anything through yet and im a bit worried dose anyone think a call would be best or just leave it, i really want this to go as quick as poss as my hb is home soon and i want everything sorted b4:|
  3. i know that halifax recived my prim letter on sat and that its not been long but i havent heard nothing from them(and still waiting for missing staments), a mate told me to call them to 'check' they got the letter as she thinks i could strike a deal on the phone there and then:| but i terabile on the phone and they will prob get away with walking all over me, not sure what to do cos im on holiday the week my lba is due, and would b nice if i could get the money b4 that
  4. this site is addictive!!, im waiting for a reply from halifax, i know that they recived my prim letter sat also im waiting for the staments they seemed to miss out, whats the odds on me getting the money in time for my holi at end off month?? palce ur bets please
  5. just looked on royal mail site and my letter was delivered on the 10th i only sent it on the 9th lol so the 14days wait begins!!!
  6. hiya i had on my staments "charges as notified" and sometimes they were all clumped together so was unable to tell if it was for unpaid direct debit or unotherised overdraft ect, i was just told to put them as they are on the staments so put them all as charges as notified, hope this helps!!
  7. erm, not sure how to do all the contratual rate stuff, tried to hav a read but got to confuse(maybe i will try again after a drink, nite make sence then lol). my hb has just called saying it can take weeks to get his pay in to a diffrent account and said not to start anything till he bk end of may!! i have already sent my prim letter, dose anyone know if halifax has ever closed ppls account???
  8. well i have sent first letter after reciving my staments sent special delivery £4.90:eek: god it cost me that much to send a parcel to my hb in iraq:lol: so the ball is now moving i am hoping to get everything settled by end of may so when hb home we can hav a well deservied hol
  9. i dont know wheather to send my first letter stateing on the charges i have already then when i get my new staments then ammend it as i want to get the ball rolling can u do this??
  10. just called ref missing months on stament, was told i had to pay £5 i said that i had already paid for staments in bank and i had recipet, put on hold (lovley music) then told that they will look in to why i had a few mnths missing and they will re send staments free of charge they will b here 7-10 days, so fingers crossed will get things sorted quickly:rolleyes:
  11. hiya just went through my stamets for the 3rd time and noticed that i hav about 4 months missing can anyone give me the best number to ring and sort this out as i have been reading through and there seems to be loads of numbers and confused on what one to call thanksxxxx
  12. thanks, im gonna just put them all down like u said, have gone over them twice already and gonna go over again tonight just in case, fingers crossed it wont take to long for a responce from them:p
  13. hiya i went in to my local halifax and asked for my staments they charged £5 and said would take 10days, i got them 7days later yay but im now confused as i have been trying to work out what to put in my letter, it says to put charges and unathorised overdraft charges seprate but on my staments it just says charges as notified and dosent say if its just a charge or for the unathorised overdrafts, sorry but cant get my head round it all:? all of the charges in total comes to £1933
  14. hiya i went in to bank and asked for 5years staments as account only opened in 02, was told a £5 charge i paid, the women asked why i wanted them, told her i was claiming bank charges back she just said that they will b about 10days. someone also told me that i only have untill april to start claming as the banks are change the charges soon and then will only be able to claim the diffrence, so im going to go to my familys office and tell them what im doing so if the account closed while husband still away they will b able to sort some paymenat for him
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