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  1. Cheers mate, its all done now so playing the waiting game
  2. Thanks mate, i am fighting this one for my neighbour, its taken her a while to get the money together for the court fees but she has it now, so its the final step. Do they usually wait unitl the last minute to pay up?
  3. Can someone tell me what address i need to put for abbey on the mcol i am just about to do please?
  4. Sorry to be a pain but could someone point me in the right direction for the spread sheet thingy please, i can't find it
  5. Nationwide were the same with me, but i got my money in the end. I will fight this for her, she WILL get her money
  6. Hi there everyone, well my neighbour was jealous that i won against Nationwide so she has asked me to help her with her claim. So far we have finally got all her statements back and i am just about to add up what she is owed and get it all done on spreadsheet etc. How are Abbey with paying up? Do they make you go all the way?? Cheers in advance and wish me luck
  7. elmo73

    Help Please

    I am helping my neighbour with her claim to with Abbey National, she sent off for her statements 6 weeks ago now and has only recieved this years statements. Could someone point me in the right direction for the letter that she needs to send to hurry them along! Thanks in advance
  8. When did they enter a defence?? they have 28 days after they have done this, it took them 23 days to pay after they entered a defence with me, sit tight hun, you will get it soon enough
  9. Thanks, its going rapidly but on my debts, so i am going to be debt free at last
  10. It took me just under 3 months from start to finish. Just stick to your timescales and don't let them scare you, they will send you a letter saying you can't have the money, just ignore it. Best of luck and keep us informed how you are getting on.
  11. Yeah just sit tight and keep checking your account, it will be in there soon enough, i know the wait is awful but its all worth it
  12. Yes just add them on, i did and got them, good luck
  13. I have been a dumbass again, after going through my spreadsheets and the ones they sent me, it seems that i miscalculated, so the figure they have given me is correct, apart from the dates, but thats only £25, so i am leaving it as it is. So my final amount was £3359.21. My next mission is Capital One, so wish me luck. It took them 24 days to pay up after they entered a defence jennyuk
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