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  1. Well done and I bets your parentsare relieved as I am for them... Being on here is the best thing someone with this situation can do as there is so much support and advice.... Well Done and enjoy your time together.... MJP
  2. Hello all and many thanks from myself and family for all your support as it is fantastic to hear what you've all said....thanks I move into our new home and its less than the mortgage also it got an extra bedroom so all the kids have got their own room. Its been a roller coaster of a couple of weeks andby god I would not wish to go through it again and WILL NOT go through it again. On the day of the eviction which was at 12.30 and my hearing to extend our stay for another 14 days was at 10.30. This time was delayed and got seen to at 11.20 which gave me from leaving the court 45 minutes to get what I could. My wife unfortunately couldn't come to court as she had to meet clients and we felt to be honest, confident that 14 day would be acceptable as we had somewhere to go and have young children. what a joke that was!!! We ended up in a flea pit of a hotel that the Council put us into and spent the night there as we had nowhere to go and during the night my sister who only a few days previously started renting a 4 bedroom house which a week before I critistise about as she would be rattling around in it. She Rang and offered us to stay till we moved into our own house and Bloody hell it was a blessing to say the least. We never got on before and we certainly have bonded over this. It's given my family a stable base to organise the moving and I feelvery bless over all whats happened as the Estate Agent is normally only allowed to let me in twice to sort stuff out but he's let me in 5 times for an hour bless him. I still have got one over them and as he never goes into the house but just gives me the keys and I've changed the padlocks over and hid their ones, plus I change the lock on the back door to so I can just get stuff out thats important and without rushing. Cheeky but its l about survival and no-one is gonna make my family suffer again however big the corporation..... Now.... I want to try and compel a letter to 1, the selfish hard hearted judge, 2, local MPs 3, the Government Suggesting that the law should be change to protect others going through this, ie the hearing should be at least 5 working days before the eviction date to give the home owner enough time to get the belongings into safe storage also find themselve somewhere to live as its was the most lowest part of my life and I was very very lucky cos of my sister but others might not be so. So I think between us all we could hopefully get ideas to the relevent people to save others having to go through this.... Its great to be back online and I will learn and help others who joint this site.... Love to all Mickyboy..MJP
  3. hi all, I am sad to report that the hearing was delayed by an hour so instead of 10.30 i got seen to at 11.30. Went into the room with the court advisery from CAB/ welfare right who was afab lady bless her. The judge had already evicted 3 people before I went in and god it made me sick. He did'nt even look at what Ell-enn drafted for me and to be honest was down right rude. So, you guessed it I got evicted. My wife was at work and children were at school, I had to dash home as baliff were on their way. My parents rush to help me as my poopr wife tried to get home as quick as possible. We never told the kids that this was looming as I honestly thought he'd give us 14 days at least.... We eventually left the property and got what we could, drove to council where they put us into a hostel which at a later time I'll tell more about as I am using my dad's computer. As far as the kids are aware we had a burst tank in the loft and all the electrics are frazzled and house is not safe. At this moment I am tired and will be back on tomorrow to update more. We still move into our new home on the 22nd which is not too far away. I'l leave it for now but I we are ok and keeping strong so thank you thank you thank you for all your best wishes and you not seen the last of me... Ell-enn thank you and I am sorry you statement didn't help but I know it will help loads more. Love to you all and chat tomorrow..... MJP
  4. Thanks so much.... I'm suited and booted ready to take them head on and roar like my birth sign (leo). The Statement Ell-enn drafted for me is fabulous and if luck will have it I should be fine. I have learnt so much over the last 3 weeks and will be willing to learn more so I can help others through this as its going to be an ongoing situation. Chat to all later XXXX this is for the ladies MJP
  5. Good morning CC08, right I went to the council housing options team and had an appointment where they go through certain things with you. 1. how you got into this mess 2. what you've done so far ie. CAB Accommodation Concern who are fab. 3. they point the true picture of what will happen, normally they'll put you into Temporarly accommodation even if you are single or and you have to mention this to them after they've gone throught this list with you RENT ASSIST SCHEME. They will put you in contact with various letting agent in your area and possibly pay 1 months rent, 1 credit check fee up to £100 and help with the deposit whereas some land lords don't like or just not educated enough as it a deposit bond ( not cash ) and you can see why landlords are not keen. I hope I have given you some idea where to go etc and please don't give up trying and positive attitude brings positive results..... Regards MJP
  6. Hi all, I have completed copying and printing all the relevant paper work for tomorrow and gonna try and sleep. Thanks Ell-enn for all you've done today it make my case look more organise and professionally presented. I'll let you know as soon as I get home.. My wife keeps saying she take the day off but I'd rather she went and try to keep busy as I will be worrying how she'll be in there... I'll see how she is in the morning and ask whether she still wants to come. Chat tomorrow guys. MJP
  7. Hi Ell-enn, Many thanks for drafting this Satatment and having it official looking make it more important. I will get all the relevant proof photocopied and attach together in the next hour. I once again thanks to all that have had their input and especially to you Ell-enn. I will keep you all posted tomorrow and I am amazed by the help and advice I've been offered. I even had someone I know that is a locksmith who said if all else failed he is willing to risked changing the locks so I can get back into my house after the bailiff have gone..... Not entirely sure if this is the right way to do this but pleasing to know. If it turn in favour of the mortgage people I am going to sleep next door to keep an eye on my property so all our belongings remain as they were till we have keys to our new home. MJP
  8. Hi Stephie12345 Many thanks for your kind words.... In all of this I have helped other in my area by donating all our old clothes and bedding ( all freshly wash ) to accommodation concern who pointed me in the right direction ie council housing option team CaB. Who were honest enough to say what will happen if tomorrow takes a turn for the worst instead of painting over the crack and giving me fault hope. Plus they have invited me to there AGM as a user to promote their service which I'll be more than happy to do so. But above all my wife and children will be able to enjoy life that little bit better as I won't be struggling to get that pizza, macdonald cinema tickets etc plus my wife can soon enjoy what she spent 5 long years training to become and she damn well deserved it. I am not going to be push into a corner by BIG COrPORATE COMPANIES with bully tactic cos I made mistake in the past so between all of us on CAG we will help those who are not sure to have the confident to kick these bu$$ers up the back side and give them a taste of there own medicine. So anyone reading this there is hope out there but you have to root it out and apply what advice is given to you. Take care Stephi12345:D:)
  9. I have a letter from the Letting Agent Stating that I am moving into the Property on Monday 22nd September 2008 at 12 noon. She couldn't do an agreement as that won't be ready till Thursday as they are certain procedures she had to follow and said she had bent over backward to get this far which I am aware of bless her. As she is a letting Agent she wants me to go on her books as a Property Maintanence Person so work will come my way soon from there. I have the agreement form from Connells Estate Agent which says what I've agreed to sale the house for and was advised to put it up for in excess of 105000 as 114950 wasn't generating any enquiries. Since doing this I have had 6 people look at the property in 3 days. So it is attraction attention. I put in the N244 form that I require a little more time to find somewhere and also that I don't want to discrupt my 7 years old son's education and my 15 years old Daughter's GCSE which she is studying for as of last week. I will be at the court about 45 mins before the hearing to meet a lady from court advisory team who I am aware is very good at what she does. I have a copy of my wife contract of employment which state her salary and what she does.a A t the minutes she is not enjoying her job as she feels its her fault cos she wants to better the family lifestyle to which I disagree as being an Occupational Therapist had help us get the rent money and deposit together. God I don't half ramble on abit but need to put across as much infomation down so you know what going on. MJP
  10. Hi Tilly thanks for your best wishes... This site is a god send and I'l be certainly donating when I'm settled. MJP
  11. I think that would be ok to do and what you've said makes sense. I will have some money left every month when we've moved in to the new house and will sit down later with my wife and see what we can feasilbly afford. my monthly mortgage is 995 plus 250 arrears clearence but even without looking at what I'l have spare it would only be 600 after everything going out. Its is something to think about and will definately be doing that. Many Thanks MJP
  12. Hi Cat100 well done in finding somewhere to live and you are absolutely right in saying it will make like more worth while. I am going through the same fate and only wish I'd started looking at renting many months ago as we now have a 4 bedroom house in a nice area too for 250 less than what the mortgage demanded. I am please for you and suggest you go to court and you never know with Ellen's help you could get an extension to move at a leisurely pace instead of a mad rush to leave. I am being evicted tomorrow and hope the judge will give me aleast to the 22nd to move in our new home without disturbing my children education. Best of luck to you and family. MJP
  13. Just another note I filled in the N244 form on the day the bailiff came out but haven't put down enough as I kind of panicked a bit. But I am gathering all the proof I have ie sale of house, Rental Agreement for our new home, Council helping with the Rent Assist Scheme and a list of dates of what I have been doing to prove I haven't sat around wallowing in self pity as alot of this it down to being victims of circumstances out of my control and also suffering extreme financial hardship trying to protect our kids.
  14. Initally I only need 2-3 weeks to move from my present home to the new one, however to be granted more would be a blessing indeed. If I mention Property Act 91 as I beleive Ellen has used for someone with a baby and was granted 21 day plus the 14 days eviction notice then I'd welcome that however I am concerned that if I was incredibly lucky to get 3 months would I still have to make payment for the Mortgage as well as the rent I'll be paying to the letting agent. As feasilby its not possible to make both payments. I have 2 people looking at my house today so if alls well I'd get someone interested. The only thing that worried me is that if the judge sees that I've not made any payment for quite a while as our car was playing up and my wife needed to get to her university placement in order to complete her degree we had the car repaired at £750 only to have that repossess 3 weeks after it was repaired. with what we had coming in we only had about £350 per month after food and travel to work / uni for the mortgage that County Judge will decides that enough is enough and grant possession to SPML as I've made no effort. I will be honest and say I have on a number of occasions offer between 550 to 800 and was told it was 1250 or nothing which I found bloody silly as what i offered would at least brought the interest down a tad. MJP
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