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  1. Feel a bit lost-have to find something else to do now that its all over. Thanks for that--'doh' never noticed it before-.......DONATION MADE. Thanks again for your help and support George and to all on this site-couldn't have done it otherwise. Lynn
  2. elkay have a look at my thread. change-itvhalifax(scotland) I had no problems with claiming ...just 2 letters and then a full offer...................................UNTIL they had to pay out and thats when I contacted FOS. They only look into it once the bank have given you their final offer and there has been an 8 week period since you first contacted the bank. So i would carry on with the procedures and timescales on here. I am in Scotland and claimed over £2000 and 6 years!! Hope this helps
  3. Thats what i would do too-in the offer letter does it not give you 8 weeks to get back to them anyway? They have kept you waiting so you can keep them waiting for another week. Then hopefully your statements will be here.Sounds like they DO know you are due much more of YOUR money back.
  4. EVENTUALLY money paid into bank and now I can say.......................... donation on its way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:grin: Surprise Surprise (sarcasm), just after FOS had written to them and just in time NOT to pay me interest.!!! No spending spree but....... NO overdraft for me any more.Yippee. Thanks ever so much for your help and support George.Unfortunately nothing more to go for but I will be sticking around and fingers crossed for you. Lynn:)
  5. George That is my intention but she didn't ask for an amount.probably because I haven't filled in the complaint form yet.It's due later this week. Today is halifax 14 days from receiving my letter of acceptance so I'm going to send a fax letting them know I want interest too. Letter came from FOS today(that was quick) stating that they have written to them so I really think I should see the money soon so they dont have to pay the interest. Lynn
  6. George, Phoned rachel.She said I had to wait 8 weeks after my initial letter to Halifax to complain to FOS, which will be next week. She is going to write to them and also send me the complaint form. I have to write to Halifax asking if this is their final decision (that there are conditions)and they should send a letter saying, sorry but yes, and to contact FOS within... (6 months? I think she said )if i was unhappy. Which we know they won't! Sod's Law!.If they pay out now (which I think they will) within the next week I'm going to lose out on interest! Think i just got someone on a bad day the last time because this girl was really helpful. Thanks for your help again. Keep you posted Lynn
  7. Just an update, Still waiting on money-after telling Halifax I was continuing claim. Also, phoned FOS a couple of days ago who told me to go to Citizens Advice?!
  8. Good on you,hopefully not be long now, and you'll get interest!! ..(Probably too much work for the clerks these days.)
  9. Well done mamakin Its £1833 more than you'd ever think you'd have a few months ago. I feel the same way too,but sadly mine has a place to go so no spending spree for me(that is when i ever get it!)
  10. Hi JJ Do you mean 16 April LBA is up? Just carry on with court when the 14 days are up.
  11. I was offered full amount of claim but Halifax won't pay out now because I sent them a 'no -conditions' letter, so am I right in that FOS is the best way forward?( and hopefully interest on top.) Although I'd love to say there won't be any more charges from now on.........I know me!
  12. Hi Tweedtech Not seen you around.Nice wedding? I also had an offer from halifax and I sent them my own letter back saying would accept but no conditions,now they wont pay the money out as they want their own acceptance letter back!I too have had more charges since i started this.I'm thinking of going to FOS now.
  13. Thanks George I'm going to go FOS,I'll have to read up on that now,hadn't bothered much as I THOUGHT I was done and dusted!And yes ,feels like they are playing games, oh here you are but if we slap charges left right and centre you can't claim them back. Am really annoyed.
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