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  1. Hi All, Npower haven't billed me since Jan 2014. I had set up a new contract and direct debit with them. But nothing was billed. I didn't realise till August. They have admitted the error and are willing to talk compensation as I now have a sizeable 9 month back bill to settle. My question is where can I go with this. Is it just goodwill compensation they're offering or do i have a stronger legal stance for more of the bill to be written off? Cheers for any help in advance.
  2. hi, back on this now. Connaught finally sent me some stuff and are chasing again for payment. though everything they sent is a year overdue?? Theyre now offering if I pay 40% of debt in June they'll write off 60% etc etc. but then it redudes to 50% in july and so on will post more soon when ive read it all
  3. Thought Id pop in to see whats been happening since the banks won their case. Im always lost when I come here. Things are a little cluttered. Could there not be a really obvious announcement somewhere really obvious stating the current state of play? I presume there are no other ways to fight the banks on charges now? Ive had my letters from them stating theyve won etc. And we all know they only won the case due to recent banking crisis, otherwise theyd of never got away with it.
  4. I also received a letter from gmac after there recent telling off. I expected to be getting back about a grand. Letter stated around 180 quid. They've charged me almost 1000 pound in arrears fees which contributed to the hardship which led them taking me to court! Has anyone had success claiming back these crazy gmac charges!?? Not to mention I'm paying interest on this £1000 of charges!!!!!
  5. Hi Slick, My sentiments exactly. why remind them. I just assumed a dispute letter made something legally binding etc? To the same degree wouldnt filing for penalt charges just remind them about things!? The charges arent too much compared to the balance owing. I have all my old statements and there was no PPI. whats interest in restitution? Cheers
  6. hi there right im back on this one now. the cca is wayyyyyyyyy overdue. i did find a suitable dispute letter and will post it tomorrow. i presume i dont need to do anything further with this at this point. there are charges that i would like to claim back but theyre a fraction of the amount owed. so i presume best to leave it now. as they havent repsonded, where does this leave things legally etc? could they respond and enforce later? at the moment they simply acknowledged my request back in June! and said no action will be taken at that point.
  7. Hi Shadow and thanks again. Yes i did request permission to alter in my original defence. I have no idea 'how' to alter it or by when? i didnt post the default and termination notices. if i had more time i might of been convinced and brave enough to find something to defend this. Did you hear anything on that main test case? My AQ was due in 21st September but someone possibly the courts told me that if i was posting my admission i didnt need to submit the AQ!! Phoned them today and now they say it could be struck out without the AQ although my admission has been sent to the claimant. The claimant pretty much will reject my offer and so it will go to a hearing. So im frantically getting my AQ to them in the morning! I really dont want to go to court on my tod but they say the judges are understanding of 'non legal' defendants. Anyway I have no defence. Ive admitted the full amount. They will reject. Will a judge still decide to only make me pay what i can afford? And then i guess egg go for redetermination. Actually can you help me word this s69 interest thing just in case they do try and claim at the hearing. I presume I just turn up with that defence or should I put it in writing to the court before the hearing as part of my altered defence.
  8. Thanks shadow. I did request it be moved but I guess its not been seen yet. I feel putting in a completely new defence at this stage might not be looked upon well by the judge? Im pretty sure default and termination notices are all in order so id only have the CCA stuff to fall back on. Shame those test cases havent been concluded sooner. it might have helped me decide! I think I may take a chance and admit, fingers crossed they wont bother with charging order (or fail with one on the grounds I am seeking full time employment in order to meet payments to my creditors). Im sure a judge would give me time to achieve this before granting an order.
  9. yes i do. i can only presume thats why they want the ccj as the court wont award them much per month.
  10. actually on my POC the s69 interest amounted to zero.
  11. Hi shadow, The amount is less than 5K. My defence was posted some time ago on the grounds they hadnt sent me my statements so that I could form a defence. Id put on the defence that I requested permission to change my defence on receipt of these documents. My charges werent enough for me to justify a counter claim. Alas my only other arguement is the CCA stuff. I'm now at the stage of submitting my Allocation Questionairre OR admitting the amount owed in full. With the latter being my likely option. So s69 interest. Is that a good enough arguement or would the court just say well deduct s69 interest and pay the rest?
  12. Problem is, I dont speak the legal language and thus couldnt possibly turn up at court regurgatating things ive read on here while not fully understanding it. And I cant find a solicitors that deals in this area or indeed one that would advise and represent me for free. I have no leg to stand on.
  13. I have got my own thread. But my defence wasnt based on this CCA stuff. And I also posted up my CCA.
  14. Ive only just caught up on this stuff. Egg are taking me to court. No date yet. My defence wasnt based on CCA stuff as I thought it was pointless and originally defended based on them not sending me statements for me to mount any defence. (they did send them in the end) Im about to admit there claim and get a CCJ unless anyone 'really' thinks I shouldnt. Can anyone suggest solicitors who could advise me further. If I did admit and get a CCJ, could I then take them back to court after this test case based on CCA stuff?
  15. Thanks Mistermind. Ive no idea what these test cases are. Ive googled it and cant find anything. Is it test cases with Egg over CCA's?? If I admit liability for my debts and get a CCJ can I still go back to court over my CCJ's based on these test cases? I just really cant afford to go to court and incurr more solicitor/court costs on top of things.
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