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  1. My case has been stayed now. I admittedly got very disheartened by it all and felt like it was throwing good money after bad. I did not receive any directions for a court date or anything from the court, just a letter from DG solicitors basically saying haha we waited long enough till they decided to stay them all, now you'll be fed up and give up. Admittedly i almost was.Also got a copy of their AQ and defense. But , i am going to try and have the stay lifted. firstly i am going to bring the fact that the defendants allocation questionnaire has not been filled in within the given time scale, the last date was the 16th of august, the defendants AQ is dated the 16th and has been typed out, obviously a discrepancy on someones part. Failing that i am going to try and get the stay lifted. I am going to fill in the n244 form and could do with some pointers as to what to write ? Should this just be about the banks lack of communication between us and such ?
  2. I received my ONLY piece of correspondence from DG today, again i got the impression the bank was taking the Micheal so to speak. The date on the letter from DG solicitors says 16th the date for last filing an the AQ on the first page of their AQ says 15th, funnily the date on the last page of their AQ says 16th. How does that work ? Does this mean i can file for judgment as they appear not to have complied with the AQ file date
  3. Today was the final day HSBC had to file there AQ, also coincidently it is the day Dewsbury court have decided to stop all bank charge claims until the outcome of the big court case. Marvelous, what a fine two finger gesture, after all this time. I have read the other threads about this but cant help but feel disheartened. I did ask if i could appeal this but the lady was unsure. well not long to wait now only another 7 more month.
  4. Right , i have finnaly received my AQ and have completed it up to section G which requires further information. I dont fulyl understand what i have to put here. Here is what i have sofar " I believe that this case will last no longer than an hour and is definitely more suited to the small claim track. I also respectfully request a basic disclosure from the bank which will help to bring the case to a speedily clourse" Thats as much as i have, i have read through the other stategys such as the one where i request an order for directions but i will be honest, i dont understand what they mean.Anyone have any advice ? I have included the draft order for directions, do i send that with my AQ ?
  5. i thereishope, yes my case has been transfered to the dewsbury court.So the judge is a bit of a swine then ? i thought it wouldnt get as far as that ?
  6. Found out the other day that the judge at my county court always gives AQ's to bank charges and i will receive it in the next 3 or 4 week.
  7. Have received the letter from mcol telling me it has been moved to my county court. They have crossed out in biro the bottom line of the notice of transfer proceedings which basically says i should read it carefully and complete the allocation questionnaire to dewsbury court. the second letter from Northampton county court says that the filing of an allocation questionaire be dispensed with in this case unless the district judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. What does this mean, they will send me an AQ or not ? The last two letters are the Defence of HSBC stateing that they deny all of my slaims and that they are resonable and are propperly and fully disclosed. Further the charges are not default and accordingly cannot amount to a penalty. Each and every allegation made by the claimant is denied. Scary words what happens next i get a letter from my county court for a court date ?
  8. MCOL states it has been transfered now. Just waiting on the letter from the county court if it is an AQ or not. I sent two copies of the charges breakdown one to MCOL and one to DG.
  9. Phoned Mcol this morning and they said HSBC has enterd a defence now and it has been transferd to a county court. The bloke said the county court may not dispense an AQ.
  10. ten more days and then the 28 days runs out, still no AQ yet. So does this mean i apply for judgement and then win by default if no correspondence from bank\DG solicitors\MCOL ?
  11. After a chat with someone called livelylad last night i have decied to phone MCOL and find out whats happening with the claim becuase i have not receieved an AQ yet. MCOL told me they are yet to receieve anything from the bank. so that clears that one up
  12. can i assume, that if i don't get a letter from MCOL and i don't receive any further correspondence from the bank\DG solicitors then the result is win by default ?
  13. Not yet jo, i fill in the AQ when i get that ?
  14. So when do i have to fill in the AQ ? after the 28 days ? or just before ?
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