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  1. Im back....no good news im afraid. The barraster met me when i got there and explained the stay, He asked if i was going to oppose before we went. told him no comment. I had already posted a copy of my objection for the stay, as soon as we sat down the judge said he recieved the objection and was going to keep the stay until the OFT case has been heard, I tried to change his mind by repeating some of the points on my objection but he had already made his mind up having previously read it.....My advise is to not post the objection for proposal of stay as there is no element of suprise hense no argument on the day. The judge even rulled out the conditions i put on the back with regards to no more fees etc but he did say the bank has to contact me within 28 days of the outcome of the Test cas..The barraster didnt do much he just sat there. He did however when we left said kinda say, "no worries, when the test case is over im sure you will get your money then"
  2. Ok, I managed to get in the little time i have, a copy of T&C from 96, all my statements, schedual of charges, Particulars of claim, section 1 of the OFT report all 7 of my letters and the 1 reply from D&G. a few more Q's on my spredsheet do i change the claim date to today to bump up the interest
  3. thanks freaky / zootscoot, Lost hope then, I am ready for them now, I cant see a representative being there anyway with my case being so small (600) so i feel a bit less nervous now.
  4. really considering not to go tommorrow with the stays, have not got my mini bundle together (busy week), have'nt got a clue what to do or say when im there, I feel lost
  5. I have just rang the court and my hearing is still taking place tommorrow but there is a huge possibility that the judge could still action the stay applyed by D&G, any thoughts/Help
  6. I have just posted a copy to both the court and D&G my case is next tuesday so fingers crossed its resolved in time
  7. Help, my case is next week, what action do io need to take to remove the stay by D&G
  8. Great, so do i post the 2nd draft or just take it with me to court.
  9. I have had a letter this morning from D&G saying they are putting a Stay on the case, This letter is not from the court so am i right in thinking that i still go unless i get a letter from court
  10. I wont be sending in my mini bundle now it has passed the two week deadline, just wanted to know what i should take with me on the day
  11. anyone got any advise for my court case, its less than 2 weeks away, and getting slightly nervous. What do i need to take etc
  12. HELP! can someone tell me what i need to include in my Mini Bundle. Do i just post it my local court?
  13. Ok, So where do i go now, My hearing on the 21th august (nearly a month away) I have sent two nudging letters, Shall i put in a mini bundle now. i have heard alot of cases get resolved once the bundle is in!
  14. Hi I have rang the courts as you asked, the fee has been dispensed with...Yipee! The court said it is only a preliminary hearing. She said i dont need a court bundle at this stage, but anything i wish to add to support my claim needs to be in 2 weeks before the hearing (21st August). Should i do one anyway?
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