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  1. As soon as Lloyds are asked for that information from the FOS they will settle took me 8 weeks from when i complained to the FOS till the money was in my account, sounds like yours could be quicker good luck.
  2. Not sure there is a bank out there like that LOL but good luck in reclaiming your money.
  3. The FOS told me to add interest to the claim Lloyds did not object and wrote it out in there letter to me.
  4. Hi i complained to the FOS about Lloyds bank charges i got a full refund plus interest in 8 weeks the amount was £4554, i found them really helpful.
  5. Hi i have done it the court way as well with A/L they paid in full a couple of days after they were served, i heard about trying it this way by a friend and thought i would give it a go and if it did not work i could still go down the court route, so its up to you if you want to give it a go i think which ever way you do it you are going to get your money back but this way is a lot less hasle good luck with getting your money back.
  6. Hi all well i have now got all my money back plus interest from the lovely Lloyds TSB, took 10 weeks and i did not have to use the court route. Phoned the FOS lodged a complaint with them, sent a letter to Lloyds out lining my complaint and the total i wanted them to pay back, they had 8 weeks in which to send a final response, after 6 weeks they sent a letter say no way are we paying the charges back so i then made my complaint official with the FOS, 4 weeks later got another letter saying blah blah but in your case we will repay what you are asking for checked my account and it was in there £4554.00. They seem to be scared of the FOS officialy investigating complaints as i have heard of quite a few people that have got there money back this way.
  7. Something like that happen to my son he missed a credit card payment so they took the money plus a late charge out of his current account without telling him there was a dd coming out so there was not the money in there then to pay it so they returned it and charged him £35, i wrote to them about it they said it was there right to do that, but i thought that no one could take money out off your account without your permission unless they had a court order.
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies
  9. hi all could some please tell me what the address is to send for the 6 yrs statements. thanks
  10. hi all i thought i would try going down this route with the financial ombudsmans service first i phone them they took account no what bank it was they said they would write to them and tell them i had a complaint to give it 5 days and if i had not heard from them send them a letter detailing my complaint with what i want them to do to resolve it which i did i also enclosed breakdown of charges sent this registered post, they have 8 weeks to resolve my complaint which means pay up if they have not done so by 8 weeks i then have to send a formal complaint form to the financial ombudsman they will then investagate. The bloke i spoke to said it would not come to that as the banks do not want them poking around plus they cannot show anyone how it cost £35 to fail a dd payment, so i will sit back and see what happens will keep you posted.
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