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  1. I’ve applied for a credit card from Capital one on 06/08/2001 over 10 years ago, I have decided to try to claim the PPI back from them, In the past I have been successfully claimed bank charges from NATWEST with guidance from this site Ok today I've received all relevant paper work back from Capital one, I've trawled through most of the paper’s and have come across that I was NOT charged PPI from 08/09/2001 to 08/07/2004 I also see that a tick has appeared in the ppi box on the Photostat copy they have sent me that is different from my other ticks in other boxes? has anybody else come across this, I feel that they may throw this against my claim, I know I didn’t tick the box when I signed up also why have they started taken out the PPI 4 years after? Do I have a claim
  2. Update Right I went down to have a second hand throttle body put on the car, waited 2hr then the service manager came in and said, the car is right now, you can take it, thinking to my self thank GOD.' Got in the car and set of for home and gess wat' still the same over revving I was so mad i ****t of home and got onto the finance company and explaind the problem, they rang the Fiat dealer in Chesterfield to find out why the problem is still on going, they rang me back and the Fiat dealer has offerd me another car same as mine ,same year, same mileage, just a strait swop. What i want to know if i can take them to the small claim court as i'm out of pocket with running there and back plus time off work to the tune of £350.00 Quid?
  3. I think you right, there going to send me a throttle body that (RIGET) mentiond, soon as i have it fitted and tested i'll let you know, if that dosen't work, the car's going back
  4. I bought the car on the 30/01/09 The clutch is ok, but when you change gear and you release the clutch the revvs increase 4 to 500 more for a second or two then die down in each gear, it very anoying and jerky infact I'll show you on a video i did of it...prob a first on here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZTGTh6zQWM
  5. Need advice, I bought a car on finance at a Fiat garage in Chesterfield over the internet, the offer was pretty good ( 0 % finance over 5years) I got in contact and did the deal over the phone. I bought a Fiat Idea 2004 33,000 for £3,950. I arranged to pick the car up and sign the papers the following Friday, I travelled down with a friend from Preston where I live, approx 100ml away, I sign the finance deal and was shown the car, the sales man went through the controls and tried to start the car…It didn’t start, he made several attempt but to no avail, me and my friend just looked at each other as the sales man went for a mechanic, I had a try while he was away it started’ thinking to myself that it had been stood a while and that it could have been the problem. As I was travelling home I noticed the engine was over revving on changing gears? I got home waited till the next day to see if it was the way I was driving the car that the over revving was me, unfortunately the car would not start again, I rang the dealers and I told them that the car wouldn’t start again and he replied that I should use my breakdown recovery to fetch it back, thinking about it the breakdown recovery wouldn’t take the car back to the garage witch I bought the car from as it’s not my address’ I was a bit taken back by this so I persevered and got the car started after 15min. I made my way down to the dealers 2hours later I left the car as they gave me a courtesy car while mine is being fixed, the car was empty and they wouldn’t fill the car with petrol so another £40.00. The following Tuesday I rang the garage and they said the car was ready, I asked if they had sorted the over revving problem and the person said it was part of the ECU that they replaced that should sort the over revving out, so I took the car home again forking out more money for petrol and would you believe it’ the over revving still there, I had to get home as I needed to be at a wedding that day so soon as I got home I rang the garage again to tell them that the over revving is still there and it’s costing me time off work and petrol keep coming down, I told him that this should of been sorted before I ever picked the car up’ so back down AGAIN another £40,00. When I got there the service manager drove the car with me next to him and he agreed that there was a problem, thinking to myself HURRAY’ the service manager also said that if it doesn’t show up on the diagnostic he doesn’t know what to do? I told him that I will not be living with this problem and that it should have been sorted out before I took the car. So back into the service shop an after a few hour he said “We think it’s the fuel body or something like that” and that they will stick a second-hand one on, again he asked me to come back and they will fit it on. I told him that I won’t be coming back and wasting another day travelling 200ml plus £40.00 of fuel as the problem is there’s to fix now He said it will take over 2 hour to take off and 2 hours to fit, at that point I rang my garage in frustration and asked his advice, he said if they send the part through the post that they would fit it for me in which there service manager agreed. They would not pay my garage for the labour so I think that I’ll reject the car, also can i claim expences throught the small claims court? do you think I have a good case, can i cancell my credit agreement it with GE Capital Any comment would be appreciated
  6. Thanks Caz Yes i sent it recorded delivery, im in the 14th day today so i'll let you when it comes!!
  7. I've accepted the offer the've put forward, could really do with the money right now,than letting it drag on. I would like to thank you for all your assistance. Would anybody know how long natwest take to deposit the money into accounts or do they drag there feet with it? I will donate to the site when the money is in, thank you again:)
  8. BINGO' Just got up this morning and a big white envelope from natwest at the door, i was bricking it opening the letter ...guess what' they've made me an offer of £3610.00 Was that quick or what. Now should i take it an run, cuz i told them i'd settle with £4000.00, with full interest it would be £4800.00 giving them an £800 quid saving what you think:confused:
  9. Yes the letter has gone there, thanks. Soon as i here anything i'll post it!!
  10. Hi ppl, new here, Just thought I’d let you know of my progress Sent a DPA letter requesting payment back of default charges to the amount of £3610.00 less interet and received back 5 day’s later, a standard letter asking for a brake down of the total amount for claim. I sent the second letter thanking them for there prompt reply and giving them all relivent details on a spredsheet again 14 days grace I have given them for a reply, and have they? Not a pep so I have drafted a final third letter as below I refer to default charges applied to my account that have requested you pay back. I wrote to you on the 27th February, making the original request for a payment in settlement of my claim. As I have not heard from you to received a satisfactory response, I am writing to inform you I intend to claim the full amount together with interest up to the date of judgment and court fees proceedings through the county court. This is based on the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations, as I believe these default charges are unfair and not proportionate to your costs, the sum being £3,610,00 and therefore the court will rule in my favor. I have attached a full schedule of the charges and interest with this document The charges and “interest” if court action is to be taken will be £4,809.59. However, if you are prepared to pay to me £4,000.00 within 14 days of the date of this letter (and, for such purpose, time shall be of the essence), I am prepared to accept this lower figure in full and final settlement of my claim. I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days, after that, there will be no further communication from me and I shall issue a claim at the expiry of this third letter and commence court proceedings to reclaim my money. Yours faithfully, I will keep you informed as to any reply and hope if they baffle me with a reply that I can't understand, I’ll ask for your kind help.
  11. What a great site you have created. Just started my battle with natwest to re coup over £3,600. over 6 year's. I've given them 14 days to reply with the template i downloaded Do i have to give them (14 working day's?) as it's up today, and i'm iching to get the second letter off
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