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  1. Yes, thanks, I opened the account in about 2001 but opened an account with another bank in 2006. My last transaction would have been some time in 2006. I really wish it was statute barred. Thanks for your reply
  2. RED have sent me a letter stating I have ten days to enter into an agreement by ringing them up or they will issue a statutory demand for payment. It is my intention to send the bank in question a subject access request but what do I send RED to keep the wolf from the door in the meantime? Is there a template on here anywhere? Getting worried now Thanks
  3. Red have sent me a ten day warning letter or they will issue a statutory demand for payment. I need to write to the Bank who the debt is with (current account with overdraft) by means of a S.A.R. but how do I tell Red they will have to wait until that is resolved, is there a template letter I can send them? Many thanks in advance. A
  4. So how do I tell RED that they will have to wait until the bank has replied ?
  5. Thanks very much for your replies, one more question, where and how do I complain? Thanks
  6. So how can I write to them to complain without acknowledging the debt? Thanks
  7. I sent Thames credit a letter (statute barred template) about two weeks ago and since then they have sent me numerous letters asking me to telephone them to resolve the matter. Am I right in thinking I can ignore these and its up to them to prove that I have made written contact or payment in the last six years? Will they ever stop sending me letters? Another question is once they know its statute barred can they sell it on to another debt collection agency and the whole letter writing process starts again? Thanks in advance
  8. Great, and what happens to RED in the meantime and what is the overall point of this SAR? What happens next? Thanks in advance
  9. I opened the account many years ago, probably 2002 ish. Looking at an earlier post would a CCA request not apply as it was a bank account and not a credit card? Thanks
  10. Ok, how do I do this? Where do I send it? and what happens to RED in the meantime? Thanks
  11. No I don't think so, this is what I got:- http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t304/allenheard/DSC00052.jpg
  12. Its an old current account which had an overdraft on it, I know for a fact there are charges that were applied when the account was active for unpaid dd's etc. What I received was what seems to be a pre Statutory Demand as it states "following receipt of this document", I received it through the post about a week ago. Thanks again
  13. I have received a letter from RED about an old Abbey account from 2 and a half years ago, I don't want to avoid paying it but RED are very insistent and have threatened me with bankruptcy. Apparently I have (or had) 18 days to pay. I did call them to arrange to pay per month what I could afford and was told I had to pay it over months at £360 per month. Obviously I cant afford to pay it all and then they started asking loads of questions about what I earn what I pay etc. I did not feel comfortable talking to them as they were very pressurising and I cannot pay more than I offered but they insisted on hassling me on the phone (I rang them and did not give them my number). I need to contact them in writing to do this properly and ensure they don't press for more than I can afford and also that they don't issue bankruptcy proceedings against me. What can I do? What are my options if any? Thanks in advance
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