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  1. I'm not an expert, i want to make that clear, all I know is from putting together my claim. In your bundle, as well as in any letters to your bank asking for your refund, you should provide a list af all the charges you're claiming. You don't need to mention how much you exceeded the agreed overdraft (30p or £1,000,000). It doesn't make a difference. Say if it's from a bounced cheque or excess overdraft, though. The Witness Statement you can find in the "Have you got a court date?" already argues the point that banks unilaterally change the amounts they charge whenever it suits them. Include that in the bundle. Apart from the witness statement, the bundle seems to be a collection of evidence. It's going to contain documents, not so much your opinion. Don't worry about having to include your arguments if you use the bundle provided here. You'll get to defend your claim in court, if it ever comes to that, but it's more likely they'll settle before. Hope it helps. Hass
  2. Hey, hey, hey... I got a letter from sc&m and a payment into my account. They settled! They made sure I went through all the trouble of sending the bundle, etc. They paid £681.96, including interest, and £80 of court fees. Many thanks. It worked! Hass
  3. After having sent my bundle both to the judge and sc&m last thursday I haven't had any feedback. Do sc&m always wait until the last few days before the hearing? Do they settle just after receiving the bundle? I hope they settle before the hearing!!!
  4. Hi there Thanks for the list I have included the same as you, only that some of these things (Scots Law and "Analysis of unfair terms in schedule 2" by the OFT, which you don't seem to have) I haven't sent with the bundle. I phoned the court today and they say it's possible to send more evidence, as long as it's before the 14 days before the hearing. Good! As to the bbc news report, I didn't know about that one. I'm sorry to say it's also the first time I hear about the things you haven't found, so I'm not much help on that. As to the "Analysis of unfair terms in schedule 2" by the OFT, you can find that on http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/82148-got-court-date-important.html, or directly on http://www.crw.gov.uk/resources/utccr%20guidance-part2.pdf. It's good to check the first link often, as they update it. Now there's a new Orton letter-like document that can be used as evidence (I just noticed that one). I didn't know automated charge notification letters were useful. I threw one in the bin very recently!
  5. If anyone could offer advice on the technicality of sending extra information after the bundle has been submited (basically, is it possible?), that would be great! Hass
  6. Brilliant! I will do a list too as soon as I can. Cheers!
  7. I really need help on this!!! As I said, I don't know if the "web archive" info is valid as t&cs. All I found was this: Lloyds TSB - Personal Overdrafts (from the Lloyds range) Can I use this to argue that I wasn't offered such thing as a "service" for which I have to pay a fee? One more thing, I had to send my bundle as it is this morning, since I got no reply to my question and time was pressing. It had to go without t&cs (or equivalent) and didn't manage to include the "Analysis of unfair terms in schedule 2" by the OFT (that's quite a mouthful:) ) and the other bit. Is it possible to add all this extra information to the bundle after I've sent it to court and sc&m? After Birmingham, etc, it seems very important to include all this. Any help will be extremely welcome! Hass
  8. Hi there After the latest developments with Lloyds TSB cases I've noticed it's now important to include T&Cs in the bundle. The problem is I don't have them and the link to an archive doesn't seem to yield any T&Cs for my account opening date (April 2001). There is a Lloyds TSB page but no T&Cs to be found. Should I find T&Cs for any other date? If so, does anyone know where do I find it? I have to submit my bundle to all the parts in days (12 June) and I don't want to be late or have the bundle incomplete... Thanks for reading this post! Hass
  9. I have a hearing on 27 June and have sent the schedule of charges to court. A couple of days ago, while putting together my bundle I found I had made a mistake when I initially did my list of charges, and one of these charges (or part of it) had been waived off by my bank (!!!). It still appears at the end of one of my statements as "notification of charges" to be debited the following month and hence my mistake. I will phone the court tomorrow morning, but i'm not feeling good about this... Will the claim be struck out?:o Should I send a letter to SC&M? I'm worried. Hass
  10. Hi there I am using the Witness Statement in my court hearing. Is it important that it is placed in a particular order in the bundle? If so, where should it go? I have the same problem with the McNamara transcript and, when I receive it, the Martin Orton letter. Thanks!
  11. Thank you Michael I have now managed to find all the statements. I'll spend some time photocopying later. Quite glad it's bank holiday, otherwise I would have had to do this late at night, which is not great.
  12. Hi skeggsy I'm claiming only the charges, not the overdraft interest. Hass
  13. Thank you Michael. Does it have to be the whole statement or only the relevant page?
  14. Hi there I'm in the late stages of this, or so I hope. I have a court hearing on 27 June and I'm preparing the bundle. I came accross this website through a link in the moneysaving site, and it has been extremely useful, especially with the court bundle but I don't know if have to provide the bank statements from when the charges occured (that's a question). If it all goes well I should get my £592 in charges back. If I include interest and court fees it goes up to £675. I'd have never thought I would be able to get my bank to pay back for all the painful I charges that I got while I was a student and struggling with my finances. Thank you everyone here! Hass
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