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  1. We finally got paid today!! My other half phoned sc&m about 1 hour ago and spoke to a really helpfull chap who said 'it shouldn't take this long to credit your account, and if you can fax a copy of the settlement letter i'll see if i can get it speeded up'. Copy was faxed to them within the hour and payment went in our account about 10 mins after:shock:. We spoke to 3 other people at sc&m previously who were very nice but not quite as helpful. It depends who you speak to so keep phoning if you've been waiting 3 weeks or more!!
  2. Hi tightbum, just so you know you're not alone, we sent our acceptance letter back and they received it 3 weeks ago yesterday...and still we haven't had any money. We are fed up with phoning aswell, we keep getting told our file is in a secure location and we could get paid anytime now. Starting to get me down now:cry:
  3. Well, 3 weeks today since sc&m received back our acceptance letter and we still haven't been paid...i can't stand this waiting...has anyone else been waiting for 3 weeks and been told their file is in a 'secure location'? Phoned sc&m again yesterday and was just told the same thing (wait basically) I'm beginning to think our file is lost or something because i keep reading other threads where people have sent their acceptance letters back after we did and they've been paid? Although i'm really pleased for them, i'm getting more concerned by the day
  4. You have to send the letter to the court with a copy to sc&m
  5. Congratulations, well done
  6. Hi skint, i know exactly how you feel:( But yes, apparantely they do have to honour any offers made if the customer chooses to accept. I read this on the BBA website. Hopefully it won't be too much longer..
  7. Still not had any money It'll be 3 weeks tomorrow since we received the settlement letter from sc&m, we sent it back recorded and faxed it. I phoned them on tuesday and was told to phone back friday if still not received anything...phoned back today and was told that our file was in a secure location and would take 72 hours to retrieve and they would phone back... :-x
  8. Hi, we haven't heard anything either. 2 weeks today since we received the letter from SC&M, it will be 2 weeks on tuesday they received the letter back from us. Just so you know you're not alone... jen
  9. Michael thank you, that's great. I'll get that sent off on monday morning. Thanks again for your help x :)
  10. Had a letter 2 days ago from sc&m requesting that we contact our local Lloyds Tsb for an account review, (which we had no intention of doing) and then this morning we received a settlement letter offering full amount we're claiming for, yippee, at last!! Only thing is though, on the letter they have our names and claim number right but they have the wrong a/c number and sort code!!! Sould i just make a note of it on the letter we have to sign and send back and attach a copy bank statement do you think? I will donate as soon as they credit my account and thank you very much to everyone who helped me:)
  11. Thank you Michael, very much. I appreciate your help.
  12. Hi, could someone please help me with my previous question? I've decided on the standard AQ route and i'm a bit stuck on what to put in section 'G' - other information, even after reading through the templates:oops: What else should i put in addition to 'i believe this will last no longer than 1 hour'???? Please can someone help i want to get this returned asap. Thanks
  13. Well a few days after sending the judgement form to the court, i received lloyds defence (3 weeks late) and the allocation questionaire to fill in!! I've filled it all in as per the guide but i'm stuck on section 'G' - other information. I've read through the draft order for directions so many times now i'm really confused. Can someone please tell me, what would i need to put in section 'G' if I wasn't to go with the new draft order for directions? I know i need to put i don't think case will take any longer than 1 hour but what else? Appologies for being dense:oops:
  14. Well still nothing from the lovely lloyds so i'm just filling out the request for judgment part on the bottom of the notice of issue form and i'm stuck on something so silly i'm almost too embarrassed to ask:oops:. I've put amount of claim including interest at date of issue as £1644.51... Then it asks for interest since date of claim and i've put £13.63 (£0.29 per day) But then it asks for the % rate? Is it 8% also? I'd be really grateful if someone could help. Thanks in advance jen
  15. Hi, i'm in the same situation. Lloyds have failed to enter a defence and it's 2 weeks overdue now. Last week I sent them the template letter saying that if i don't hear anything by 4.00pm tomorrow then i'll file for judgement. Nothing again in post today so i'll ring court tomorrow to see if they've received anything, if not then i guess i file for judgement. There seems to be quite a few lately where no defence has been received and had to go down this route...i was beginning to worry:o
  16. Hi jshtr3, thanks v much for your reply:) Yes the first link you gave i've read, read, and re-read already, (i know this sounds stupid and weak but i've got a fair idea of what i should do from reading the step by step and faq's etc but i'm just nervous about putting it into practice, hearts racing just thinking about it!) and the other one i'll have a good read of over the weekend, so thanks for that. Anyway, must be brave:oops: Let you know what happens. jennifer
  17. Morning all:) Lloyds had until last saturday to send their defence, which they still haven't done. I've given them an extra week so if nothing comes in post today should i go for judgement? Thanks, jennifer
  18. Congratulations jen...well done!!! Really pleased for you x jen 2
  19. Minx and griffin, thanks for your support:) I hope Lloyds don't drag it out for too long now because i'm quite desperate for this money. O.k forget the quite, i'm really desperate!!! But i know you're right minx, from what i've read on here i'm going to need a lot of patience but it'll be worth it when they do eventually pay up. It annoys me that they don't stick to the deadlines the court gives them but as you say griffin they may be rather busy. Ha Ha
  20. I've just phoned the court and spoke to a helpful lady, i explained the situation and asked if i should wait a bit longer and she said 'why wait'!!! She then checked on p.c. and told me they'd received an acknowledgement of service from Lloyds today. So, back to waiting some more... Thanks for your advice pondy:) jennifer
  21. Lloyds haven't replied yet:( On the Notice of Issue it said they should've responded by the 8th may but i've heard nothing, not a sausage. I'm not sure what to do now...should i give them a few more days do you think?? And if so, what should I do when those few days are up if i've still not heard anything? Any help v much appreciated. Jennifer
  22. Congratulations Pondy!!!!! Well done :D
  23. Well i didn't have to wait long:) the forms arrived today just after i finished posting on here (with ink smudged on the back and name spelled as junnifer, but hey i'm not one to pick faults) It says the defendant has until the 8th may to reply so i'll let you know what happens. Jennifer
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