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  1. harryk

    harryk v HSBC

    Hi, just another question if anyone can help. Great news really i have had an offer from HSBC to settle this claim for almost the full amount, they have offered about £200 less, (which is actually the court costs of £120 and my 8% interest amount), so i am not sure what to do next. Do i accept and if so how do i sort the claim online out, or do i hold out for the full amount and go to court. Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. harryk

    harryk v HSBC

    hi, Can anyone help me with a question. I have already filed a claim on line and sent soc but since then i have been charged again by the bank, can i include this charge also in the claim and if so what do i need to do ?. Thanks.
  3. harryk

    harryk v HSBC

    Hi yes when i received my notice of issue a sent a letter and soc to northampton. Thanks though for the reminder because it is a little confusing and easy to forget things, i do not know what i would have done without the information on this site, probably not bother and that is what the banks are hoping people will do.
  4. harryk

    harryk v HSBC

    Hi, another update on my progress. I have completed the online claim and i have received notice of acknowledgment so i have sent a schedule of charges to DG solicitors, that was on 23rd May, as yet i have not received anything more but they do have 28 days to respond, so i am waiting nervously.
  5. harryk

    harryk v HSBC

    Hi Just an update on my progress. I have sent my lba recorded delivery to C. Langdale 2 weeks ago and as yet I have not received any reply, so here goes I am going to complete the money on line claim today. Wish me luck.
  6. harryk

    harryk v HSBC

    Hi I have received a reply to my preliminary letter just within the 14 days from Colin Langsdale, saying thanks for letter and he will be in touch when he has completed his investigations. I have now sent my LBA together with another copy of charges recorded delivery on 17th April. See if I get a better reply this time.
  7. Hi Just to update you on the current situation, I have received a letter dated 12th April from HSBC Colin Langdale in Leeds saying, thank you for your letter and that he will be in touch when he has completed his investigations. I am sending my LBA today advising that he has not responded appropriately within 14 days ect. Watch this space. I have also recieved phone calls from my local branch to discuss my account. I have not spoken to them yet.
  8. harryk

    harryk v hsbc

    Hi Posting premliminary letter today to hsbc. see if i get a reply in 14 days !!!
  9. Okay thanks, I have read Q&A but must have got mixed up some where. There is lots to read. Thanks again
  10. Hi I am new to the site and just wanted to say hello. I am about to submit a LBA to HSBC detailing my charges for the last six years. Wish me luck.
  11. Hi, I am shortly going to be posting my LBA to hsbc. I have managed to find my bank statements going back six years and have added all the charges together and included them in the letter. Wish me luck.
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