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  1. Many thanks for the address... Unfortunately my wife paid in cash... More unfortunately, the receipt states 'Purple'. Though the receipt was stapled to the 'contract' and folded up in the box that was presented back to my wife in a plastic carrier bag. I have since spoken to the store manager who said that the assistant 'twice' told us the phone was purple! Yea right!... So according to the shop, we asked for a purple phone, was given a purple phone, queried that the phone was purple, was told 'twice' that the phone was purple... but when we looked at the phone later we were shocked to discover that the phone was.... well.... purple !!! So naturally we went back to complain and asked for a pink one.... I now realise that the assistant is blatantly lying... or the store manager is? Either way, my feeling is that the assistant knew they did not have any pink j700's but decided to sell us a purple one knowing she could stitch us up in such a way we could do nothing about it! Probably with the blessing of the store manager.... After all, they got a sale that they would otherwise not have got... and they knew it!
  2. Don't know if this helps but if you are calling an 02 number then you will be charged the same as if you called any other landline...ie. 01 or 02 number...
  3. The story... My wife went into the orange shop to buy a pink PAYG Samsung J700 phone... She was told she could do this as an upgrade and keep her existing number... She was asked to sign the upgrade form, which she did. The assistant then took the signed document and disappeared saying she was going to get the phone. When she returned, my wife queried the phone saying the phone looked purple not pink. The assistant replied 'thats just the box, the phone IS pink' When box was opened after leaving the shop, guess what? The phone was purple! My wife returned to the shop and complained but was told by the manager there was nothing he could do as it clearly stated on the agreement that the 14 days refund policy did not apply to this purchase! On checking the document, this comment had been added AFTER my wife had signed it! Additionally, the receipt which was stapled to the document and neatly folded to make it all invisible, also said 'Purple' phone... We complained to Orange, who said that they cannot do anything as it was bought from Orange 'Retail'... I asked for a number for Orange 'Retail' and was told... 'There are no numbers!!! I phoned the shop (On a dammed 0870 number of course:mad:) and the manage kindly proceeded to tell me he would not discuss it with me as the customer was an adult, not a child!!! My wife had already been told they would not help.... After phoning a different orange shop, I was told that NO Orange shops sell the pink J700... I am guessing we are stuffed?... anyone disagree?
  4. Hi, I have a CCJ from Capital One... for about £3.5K My credit limit was £1.5K... The bulk of the rest is made up of interest and charges etc... I now believe that much of the total is made up of illegal charges! Do I have a case for getting the judgment set aside on the grounds that the amount is therefore wrong? In the meantime I intend to send my request to Capital One asking what charges were added to my account during the last 6 years... If I have a case... Any idea how I should proceed?... This is fairly urgent since I have just received a warrant of execution on this CCJ for about £160.... (Based on the payment ordered in the judgment that have been missed) As I see it I have 5 options: 1. Do nothing.... Clearly I am not going to take this option 2. Pay the whole amount.... I am not in a position to do this 3. Pay the £160 to buy some time... 4. Apply to have the warrant suspended... 5. Try and get the CCJ set aside for reasons above... I believe one valid reason for getting a set aside is that the amount is now in dispute,even if it wasn't at the time of the judgment! Many thanks in advance for any help
  5. Thats because it is not high profile We might like to think it is, but I think your judgement may be skewed by your personal involvement in the issue. The vast majority of people would not even know what you are talking about! Please note this is not a dig at you or this campaign... I wish it was high profile but I cannot say hand on heart that I believe that to be the case...
  6. I have been given a cheque that has an unusual payee... It is business name with whom I have an account with my name in paranthesis? eg. Not using real names.... Payee = British Gas (John Smith) My question is, in the above example, 1. Could British Gas cash the cheque? 2. Could John Smith cash the cheque? 3. Is the payee invalid and the cheque therefore useless?
  7. Does that mean that we can refuse to talk to any callers that tell us the call is being recorded for 'training and quality' purposes lol. The next time a creditor calls demanding money, I might try this: "I object to this conversation being recorded and cannot continue until the recording equipment is turned off!" If they object I will then point out the following: "This is a very old policy of mine and I have no plans to amend or modify it in any way"
  8. This might seem like a little 'left field' but I feel someone needs to make this point. Independant Financial Advisors Are they really any better than 'tied in' advisors? I feel that many people have become brainwashed into the idea that IFA's are good, tied in advisors are evil. I have a contrary view. IFA's do not work for any particular company and can therefore in theory recommend a product from ANY company. On the face of it this sounds fine but in reality I do not think this happens. The IFA cannot possibly know in detail ALL the products on the market provided by all the various financial institutions. This tends to make an IFA either a 'jack of all trades, but master of none'... If they do have in depth knowledge, then it will probably be because they have have favourite' products from 'favourite' companies... Can we eally be assured that commissions paid will not influence this favouritism? An analogy springs to mind... If you are ill, you go to a GP, a general practioner... they will then refer you to a specialist if required. An IFA seems similar to a GP with no real in depth knowledge necessarily in any one area. When looking for financial products, I feel the first decision should be which financial institutions you trust. Which companies do you want to deal with. Once you have made this decision, I feel it would then be best to deal with a specialist who knows that companies products inside out! NOT an IFA who may or may not know a lot about your chosen companies product range... I really do feel dealing with IFA's is rather like dealing with a GP when you reall want to be dealing with a consultant. In this analogy, the consultant would be the in house, tied-in advisor from your chosen company/institution. A tied in avisor may well be salaried as well and have no commission based bias or incentives to influence their advice... I feel IFA's have their place... but their role is way overrated in my view. (Rather like organic products, but don't get me started on that one lol)
  9. Kazzie, First of al congratulations on your victory... but I have a question for you.. Would you have started your claim had you been aware of the risk of Lloyds counterclaiming for your loan etc? I ask because I am in a very similar position... I business account, closed owing £3K I personal account closed £7.5K overdrawn I personal loan defaulted £10K... Total debt of about £22K sold to a third party who I am dealing with now. I believe I have had about £5K-£10K of charges over the last six years! (I used to joke Iwas one of their best customers the amount of money they made from me... Not funny anymore though!)
  10. Many thanks again... slowly getting less unsure lol... Adress sent to: Copy Statement Unit Lloyds TSB Bank plc Swallow House 10 Swallow St BIRMINGHAM B1 2AL Letter on its way....
  11. Many thanks again.... Can I ask one more time though, is the address correct? I really don't want to give them any excuse to NOT comply... I have just been reading a thread where about 4 different addresses were quoted... none of them the one I have above for Penny!!!
  12. Many thanks.... Penny has just joined my mailing list lol. Do you think I will get my statements or a christmas card from the first?
  13. I was editing my post to add the second address I found whilst you were replying... I think? Do you mean you snt yours to the Penny Berryman address? If so, have I got the address correct? Sorry for being a pain!
  14. Thank you very much for that... I have my letter printed and ready to go. Can anybody confirm the address I should send it to: (One I had saved from a few months ago) FAO Penny Berryman, Senior Manager Lloyds Bank PLC. Data Protection Department. 48 Chiswell Street, London. EC1Y 4X. (One I have just found) Lloyds TSB Bank PLC Compliance Dept. Mountbatten House Military Road Chatham ME4 4JF Many thanks again... (I have Egg, MBNA, Capital One, Citi and debenhams to do after this one arrrgghhhh)
  15. Barclays... around 1986-1996, charges probably around £6000 Nationwide... around 1995, charges around £1000 No statements for either... Not sure I can even find account numbers doh!
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