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  1. VOTE WITH YOUR FEET. Anyone any idea which bank is the "fairest", as I want out of Barclays and want to take mine and all my familly's money with me. I am days away from court and given the ruling then fear that it will be years if/when I get the money they nicked off me (and continue to do). Presume that I can claim moneys back even if I closed the account? My simple brain tells me that if enough people walk to a single point (fair bank) then the highstreet robbers may get a double sting - loss of customers and the prospect of eventually having to pay those that no longer bank with them (how sweet would that be:D ). Seems that people move when it comes to power companies and they have turned into cut throat operators - might this happen with the banks? We might not all have millions - but take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves (or that is what my Mum always said).
  2. Have claim in with Barclays and unfortunately it has been stayed and now delayed by the floods in Gloucester. Must admit I am now at the end of my tether with Barclays as they do not reply to any of my emails/letters and have just dragged their feet. Have the feeling that they stalled as they knew what was going on. Only way I can think of to atleast derive some satisfaction is to close down my 4 accounts and my families 4 accounts with the bank and move somewhere else. Can anyone recommend a fair (if there is such a thing) bank where I can take my money and business? Petty you guys don't have an online bank and we could all join and let the highstreet banks rot.
  3. Thanks for that Dar£n - I have followed in the footsteps of those before me and left messages on Krysta's phone and the secretary's phone - but nothing back. Sent off an email today to see whether they reply to this - I have not heard anything off the bank apart from the original offer, which I turned down. Was unsure whether there was a set format for requesting further directions. Will just write a letter back listing my attempts at contacting Barclays to try and reach a mutually acceptable settlement. I did submit the draft orders and enclosed the court bundle etc when the claim was transferred to local court - but on this occassion the judge asked for nothing from Barclays just a list of charges etc.
  4. Hi saintly_1, cheers for replying the Order read as follows: The action be stayed until 2 july 2007 or until further order: the stay will also afford the parties and opportunity totry and settle the matter without court hearing. liberty to apply to remove extend the stay. File referred back to the District Judge by 2 July . This order was made on the District Judges own initiative pursuant to CPR part 23.8.
  5. Hi, Was going through the courts and had the claim transfered to the local court. Filled in all the paperwork and the judge then stayed it for a month to see whether an agreement could be reached. No agreement was reached as the bank never returned my calls etc. Have just received a new letter off the court saying that unless either party files a written request for further directions by the end of the month the action would be struck out and deemed settled Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a standard reply that you must submit to the court to ensure that I get my day in court- if they don't settle before hand. Getting a bit nervous now as it seems like the court is keen to just get this off the books!! Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers
  6. Hi all, read the thread and was glad to see that it was not just me who was a bit scared!! To be honest I am now down to the wire and the ink has dried on my prints of the court bundle and I am just over 2 weeks from court appearance Reading the other threads on the forum I am planning on waiting until 1 day to go and then ringing Barclays to make sure it hasn't passed them by and hope that they settle. Just one question - if they offer settlement am I still allowed to add the interest that I applied for through the court? also am I still entitled to claim back the costs incurred for chasing down the claim? Sorry to hop in on this thread. Cheers
  7. Does anybody have a comprehensive list of contacts in Barclays legal dept? Cheerz
  8. Cheerz dar3n, will keep an eye on your thread to see how you fair and if you have success, like it appears everyone seems to, I will take your lead. Good luck ahead of the big day - lets hope they back down and admit that they are wrong One thing that strikes me with this whole cat and mouse process is that it is costing them a lot more in the long run when they factor in court costs, extra interest payments and the fees that they have to pay their legal team (pretty sure that they have better things to be doing than preparing for non-existant court hearings)?
  9. Hi Story so far: December walked into local branch and asked for last 6 years of statements - they charged £5 and they arrived within 2 weeks. Did the sums and sent a letter requesting my charges be refunded, gave them 14 days to reply or would commence proceedings. No word by COP day 14 so filed in court. Day 15 heard saying that they would make a payment of £1000 as a good will gesture. Declined. Received letter back from court saying that they were going to defend the claim and have just received the AQ from the court. Getting pretty nervous now as reading the threads we have to just sit tight and wait for a court date:( Reading through the threads it sounds like when you get to a couple of weeks to the hearing date - give them a call and ask them whether they want to settle or go the full course - is this the best tack to take or will the bank contact you without prompting?? Any advice will be really appreciated Thx
  10. Hi, Just been told about the website and wanted to say hi to all. Currently in the process of claiming back 3000 from Barclays and it looks like it might go all the way - just waiting for the court date to come through. Pretty nervous about the whole thing - but in for a penny in for 3000 pounds! Will let everyone know how if get on Cheers
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