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  1. hi thanks for a the replies. ida in fife just wondered if you managed to get national debtline to look into it for me? thanks
  2. hi all, thanks for the replies. we keep a monthly spreadsheet of what i have paid and what my wife has paid. it also keeps track of total paid and remaining balance. by my reckoning we have a 3 months left so i will phone scott and co after 2 and see what they say thanks again
  3. sorry, you are correct, it is one bill addressed to MR C and MRS L ****** just checked the last one.
  4. hi, thanks for the reply. the council tax bills come in to me and my wife adressed one for me and a seperate one for her (but they are both exactly the same) so i presume we are both liable for payment. andromeda411
  5. hi all, jut looking for a bit of advice. regarding scott and co, my wife and i are both paying on an earnings arrestment on our salaries for council tax. we received the arrestment for just over £5000. we are now down to around £1500. i pay more towards it cause i earn more but when will our respective employers be able to stop making deductions as my wife's employer does not know how much i have paid towards it and vice-versa. on my wife's payslip this month she paid her usual amount and it says amount outstanding £4100 but this does not take into account how much i have paid and vice-versa. does scott and co let our employers know when it is paid off? thanks
  6. well done IF crumble again. enjoy the cash best regards and well done!!!! andromeda411
  7. hi again, just remember to quote your plan number on the letter aswell. regards andromeda411
  8. hi there, no i did everything at one time under the plan number and i also had a loan account with charges aswell.but remember if you do it this way you still list the account numbers you are claiming the charges on but only one S.A.R,1 prelim and if needed 1 L.B.A. i had an offer of 50 % then i rejected that and they coughed up the full amount without going to court. i was told if i had gone to court i would have had to seperate the claim into three but thankfully it never went that far. hope this helps regards and good luck andromeda411
  9. hi there, i was in the same position but i claimed under the one plan number, but i was informed if it got to the court stage i would have to seperate them into the individual account numbers. you are the same as me with a current account,loan and credit card. thankfully for me it did not go that far. i got full settlementthis week and that was claiming just under the one plan number. they did offer 50% but i rejected that and about 5 days later they offered full settlement. this is my thread if you want a look. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/intelligent-finance/69358-r-subject-access-request.html regards and good luck andromeda411
  10. WOO HOO, STATEMENTS FINALLY ARRIVE. prelim request printed and sent. they will receive tomorrow. here we go again. regards andromeda411
  11. hey, yep in the contact us section of the if website. i copied and pasted my rejection letter in to the message area and sent that. you also get a reply saying it has been delivered. then i went to post office and sent letter. it took them about 3-4 days. regards craig
  12. hi laddie, if is anything like my resolution letter they will be offering you 50% of what you have claimed. use IF messaging on their site to reject it and send letter aswell and they will cave in like they did with me. regards and good luck andromeda411:)
  13. hi all, just received reply from ICO regarding bank of scotland and they say in their reply that a SAR is no needed to reclaim bank charges. what does everyone else think of this.please see below e-mail from ICO 6th June 2007 Case Reference Number RFA####### Dear Mr ##### Thank you for your correspondence dated 21/05/07, regarding your request for information from the Bank of Scotland. Is a subject access request necessary in order to reclaim any unfair penalty charges? No. Information from credit card/bank statements should not be needed in order to reclaim any unfair penalty charges from a financial institution. Following an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) ruling about ‘unfair penalty charges’ relating to credit card accounts, the number of individuals making subject access requests under the Data Protection Act 1998 for information held as part of credit card statements has increased significantly. Although the OFT ruling only relates to credit card accounts a number of individuals are also making subject access requests for information relating to other financial services before attempting to reclaim any penalty charges associated with them. Many financial institutions are struggling to respond to these subject access requests within the 40 calendar days permitted. We are aware of this and are monitoring the situation closely. What’s the best way to reclaim penalty charges? The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is the most appropriate organisation to assist you when seeking to settle disputes about unfair penalty charges with the Bank of Scotland. The FOS can be contacted on 0845 080 1800 Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm. The (FOS) was set up by Parliament as an independent, free service for settling disputes between businesses providing financial services and their customers. Complaints about unfair penalty charges fall outside the remit of The Information Commissioner’s Office. This is why we are unable to directly assist you in seeking the repayment of these charges. What will the Information Commissioner’s Office now do with your complaint about the failed subject access request? We acknowledge that in pursuing the unfair penalty charges a valid subject access request was made to the Bank of Scotland and although the information requested may not be needed to recover any unfair penalty charges, financial institutions are still required to provide it. From the information you have provided to us it seems unlikely that the Bank of Scotland have complied with their obligations under the Data Protection Act on this occasion as they have failed to provide you with the information to which you are entitled. We will therefore be writing to the Bank of Scotland with the details of this complaint. We will ask them to ensure that they provide you with the information you are entitled to as a matter of priority. Furthermore we will ask them to take any steps necessary to ensure their future compliance with the Data Protection Act. What happens next? We would now recommend that you contact the FOS if you wish to begin the process of reclaiming any unfair penalty charges. If when we contact the Bank of Scotland there is any doubt as to whether they received the subject access request you sent to them we may need to contact you again. However, in most cases, and certainly where you have been able to provide us with proof of postage or receipt for your request, we would not expect to need to contact you again and you should await the receipt of the information to which you are entitled from the Bank of Scotland in due course. If you would like any further clarification having read this letter please contact our Helpline on 08456 30 60 60 or 01625 545745 if you would prefer to call a national rate number. Yours sincerely, James Cooper Case Reception Unit The Information Commissioner's Office regards andromeda411:)
  14. ;) :d ;) No Need For Court!!! Intelligent Finance Cave In And Agree To Full Refund. £2003 Into The Pocket. I Feel Like Xmas Has Come Early. Regards Andromeda411
  15. hi all, got letter from Bos today,is it my list you all ask. well no its not it's another bloody charge for a failed DD. oh well another £39 to add to the list when it ever comes. now waiting for tomorrow's post regards andromeda411
  16. saw post van coming, waited patiently at door and NOTHING AAAAAARRRGHHHHHHHHH!!!! :mad: was so expecting the list today. will have to wait till tomorrow and then see. if nothing tomorrow i am going to my local branch and going to blow a gasket with them and see if i can sit there till they print off all my statements. a very dissappointed andromeda411
  17. hi there, yes basically just follow all the templates send prelim 14 days later send LBA then if no joy start court proceedings. any problems along the way just shout on here and someone will do the best to try and help you. regards and good luck andromeda411
  18. hi there, i have an account with BoS and if the halifax is the samethen when you log in to your on-line banking there is a tab to click on that says "statements and letters" you can then go back two years. but i will point out that this is only available if you are paper free an do not get statements or letters sent to your home address. you need to change preferences on your portfolio page to get online statements. also if you select it now it will only start from your next statement. regards andromeda411
  19. it's always worth a go if they do not come up with offer then carry on and file your summary cause. it,s no loss to you just to the bank as if you fiile you will get to claim howards little extra 8% and all your fees and costs. regards and good luck andromeda411
  20. no, not yet. our post does not come till around 2pm in the afternoon. we are last on the round. will let you all know what happens regards andromeda411:cool:
  21. hopefully postman will have his arms full when he comes to my door tomorrow. lets just wait and see after so many empty promises regards andromeda411
  22. as it says I am obliged to confirm that if I do not hear from you in the next eight weeks, I will assume you are satisfied with my response and will close our file. oh me will they hear from me within 8 weeks.mmmmm i wonder.LOL too bloody right.they will be hearing from me within 2 days after i get the info.LOL regards andromeda411
  23. hi all, my e-mails may have stirred something as i have just received this from a ruth harrison on behalf of andy hornby. I write following your email of 29th May to which I am responding on Andy Hornby's behalf. I am sorry to hear of the delays you have experienced in obtaining details of the charges incurred on your Halifax bank account. I have reviewed our files and confirm the requested information was produced on the 27th May. Due to the bank holiday this information was posted out to you today. I am very sorry if this was not the timescales previously agreed. I trust this resolves your concerns, however, if you require assistance in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. I trust I have resolved your concerns but if I can help you further please let me know. Our complaint leaflet, which we sent to you previously, explains your choices if you remain dissatisfied. It also confirms our membership, and the availability to you, of the Financial Ombudsman Service. I am obliged to confirm that if I do not hear from you in the next eight weeks, I will assume you are satisfied with my response and will close our file. Ruth Ruth Harrison (Mrs) Executive Office HBOS plc + CB/2/CR/RH ( 01422 334861 Ex 34861 , [email protected] This message is attribute to the sender and does not necessarily reflect the view of the Halifax Group or its subsidiaries. have left her contact details on the post for EVERYONE'S use regards andromeda411
  24. hi there, are you based in scotland? if so why did you not use the summary cause route and you could have claimed up to £1500 in your claim. regards andromeda411
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