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  1. i've been watching, fingers crossed it should be by end of the week! thanks mate!
  2. Does anyone know how long it usually takes from the time you send your offer acceptance to the time you get your money?.... i've won and i'm getting itchy about spending the money now! lol
  3. £4000 sounds nice and round to me too! shame it's unlikely to appear! lol Thanks again! Letters just printing.... off to the post office i go! really should be at work! hope the boss hasn't noticed!
  4. yeah send it.... as freaky says, the worst they can do is not offer that one charge when they do make the offer! and they will make that offer!
  5. the affording the priveledge bit.... do i just pluck a figure out of thin air? any suggestions? sorry to keep pestering!
  6. Thanks FreakyLeaky! I'm adapting that template for my needs right now!
  7. Jimmy, did you send your first letters to the bank via Recorded delivery? and have you kept copies? and you have copies of statements from 04/01 showing the charges? if the above answers are yes then don't worry... you have proof of the charges, and that they were within the six year period when you started the claim. Carry on with the claim as normal you won't have a problem.... i've just had a settlement this morning and am over the moon.... it may seem a long time away and it can sometimes be quite scary.. just keep on going and look to this forum for support and answers... it's a great help i promise!
  8. How Amazing is that! I finish writing the previous post and the postman turns up! DG are offering full and final settlement of £2231.81! How chuffed am I! just one question, why do I NOT agree to waive my rights or a clause of confidentiality? don't understand this bit!... pls help!
  9. Just an update..... i reached the deadline for my Court bundle yesterday, luckily i got it in the post on monday special delivery, to both the court and DG..... DG don't seem to have managed to file any further defence tho! at least not with me! Fingers crossed!
  10. Just got in from work.... thanks for the reply's! i think between the pair of you it has made a good deal of sense! really thanks so much for the support! I've spent most of this morning getting the bundle together apart from these bits. Think i'll wait until the morning to tackle the rest of this.... watch this space for more panic! lol Kev
  11. Thanks bookworm, i've had 1 PM reply telling me to try advice on another forum to do with saying no to other car credit companies..... have posted on their as well... fingers crossed!
  12. Hi All! I've been wathcing and following this forum with great interest while making my own claim against HSBC, now i am in the final stages I think i need some help... again sorry if this has already been posted..... The Story So Far.... 29/1 Collected all statements from HSBC online and calculated charges plus interest 31/1 Sent MSE template 1st letter to claim charges 10/2 Received Mr Langdales "quality" reply 23/2 LBA sent - 7 days or court! 2/3 Filed MCOL 5/3 MCOL Issued 5/3 Received reduced offer - declined 6/3 DG Acknowledged 23/3 Statement of charges sent to MCOL & DG 2/4 Defence Entered 3/4 Notice of Transfer - No AQ 20/4 Notice of Allocation HULL COUNTY COURT! 26/6/07 24/4 Sent DG Nudge letter I think i have followed the advice on here to the letter, however with recent events (tsb winning) things seem to be changing rapidly and i havent kept up.... i am in the process of creating my Court bundle to send to DG and the Court... i have got in it so far all correspondance from me to HSBC/DG (not sure if i should include any return correspondance from them to me) All my statements. my royal mail postage receipts (orange "signed for" stubs) my latest schedule fo charges and the standard CAG Court bundle stuff. I am reading alot of panic regarding Terms & Conditions and statements of evidence... i have got STAX 1996 T&C's which i beleive (not entirely sure) is when my account was converted from a kids account to a normal Midland Bank Account and an up-to-date T&C's 12/06 it may be worth adding here my charges were between 2001-2004. ... I am however unsure:- a. why i need these b. what sections i need to rely on of these TC's Also I have read people including a statement of evidence within the bundle.. i am unsure what this entails and what to put in it.. i have looked at the linked statement of evidence in some of the threads, however this confused me as it seemed to be only tailored to Lloyds TSB! Would really appreciate some help from a proverbial Neighbour (wink wink lattie) Thanks in advance
  13. Hi All, i'm new to all this so please bear with me, I purchased a card on credit back in 1999 from my ford dealer and funded through ford credit. around 6 months after i bought the car, my situation changed and i coudln't afford/didn't require the vehicle... i returned the car to the garage who said they would buy the car back.. clear the finance on it and set up a payment arrangement for the diffenrece between the balances. Since this time my situation got worse and i ended up defaulting on the payment arrangement made with Ford Credit to pay the £3600 balance. the debt was handed to Blair Oliver and Scott Debt collectors, who sent me several lovely letters warning of court action... none every came... the debt then transferred to Allied International Credit who sent letters warning of their people intending to visit to reclaim the cash. again nobody turned up! during all of this not once was anything recorded against me with the Credit Agencys. i have since completed a payment arrangement with Ford Credit and paid the balance due. Once the balance had been paid, i received a letter from Ford Credit thanking me for the payments and stating that the title deed of the vehicle has now been passed to myself. This is where my confusion starts, as the garage says they HPI cleared the vehicle in 2000 when they took it back... and promptly sold the vehicle! Does anyone know legally where i stand with this letter..... should i still have the vehicle? or not have paid the debt? as i have said debt companies have threatened action on several occasions but never followed through.... and Ford Credit have never recorded anything against me with the credit agencys! sorry it's so long winded! hope someone can help!
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