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  1. The Halifax solicitors sent me a copy of their questionnaire but I will check with the court to see if they have received a copy.
  2. I have just received a letter from the Hull court this morning, stating that if the defendant Halifax do not file their allocation questionnaire then they may consider a stike out, as far as I am aware the Halifax have filed their questionnaire. any ideas what I should do????
  3. I have also just received one of these defence letters exactly the same as yours! and I have also received my allocation questionnaire. what have you done about this?
  4. Thank you for that I have just had another look at the link and it makes it clearer Am I right in thinking that if I now wait to get my court order number then make a contact for the consumer group link after that they will help?
  5. What does it mean then Stike outs????
  6. The Hull courts are throwing out the court orders
  7. :? Hi I have just started court proceeding's against the Halifax bank, posted the NI form yesterday but I am very concerned as I have had to do this through the Hull Courts, any advice welcome!
  8. Hi Sally I am just at the stage were I have received my bakn statements from the Halifax and have sent the letter off to claim the charges. Did you have lots of problems at this stage please give advice.
  9. Hi All Hello everyone I am new to the group And want to claim back charges against the Halifax bank any advice would be more than welcome!
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