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  1. Thanks folks for your replies. Can I not get this removed from my file, as its the wrong name and date of birth?
  2. Hi, Can anyone advice me on the following, I've noticed on my credit report that my name has been wrongly spelt, and the DOB is completely wrong, but is registered on my credit record. Is there any way of getting this removed from my file, and if so who do I contact and the wording to be used. Thanks for your anticipated help.
  3. received a letter today to say they have given the final decision and will not do anything else until instructed by fso. What sort of info do i need to supply to the fso and do i need to put in the letter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have written to loans.co.uk to make the claim, which they have denied. I have again written to them sent recorded delivery and emailed them to but no answer. Where do I go from here? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Heres the letter in two parts with identifying info removed. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Had reply from Loans.co.uk, who have refused our request for return of monies as they say that the ppi was not mis sold. Can anyone point me in the direction of what i need to do now please. Thanks
  7. Yes, thats what i though, done the spreadsheet, but was wondering. They cheeky really, as the policy was for 5 years but spread over the life of the loan, how about that
  8. Thanks for that, I've sent off my claim to them, and have had a reply saying that as they dont hold any information on the loan, they needed authority to contact the lender which i have given them now awaiting the response. are you allowed to claim the interest charged as well as the statutory interest or is it just the one?
  9. Where do i find out who the administrator is for loans .co.uk?
  10. Thanks or that, as the ppi was put on as part of the loan does this make them liable to refund all monies owed, if so what sort of letter should be sent to them?
  11. GE money eventually disclosed that PPI had been added to a loan we have. However they are denying any liability as the loan was sourced via Loans.co.uk, and have given us their last trading address. Is it true that Loans.co.uk no longer trade? and if that is the case who would be responsible for the repayment of the PPI etc.
  12. hi Cant post cca, as don't have a scanner, I note thought that they have not got a default letter or notice of assignmnt in their case does this make a difference?
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