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  1. sj01 "Hi, I would be a bit worried if my solicitor didnt already know this. He must have done this sort of case before". I hope so, not sure though, The Solicitor handling my case, was 'recommended / the one used by' my then employer. He was asked to look after my interests after my car accident, and I've used him ever since.   antone "When it comes to ESA or other working age benefits, NI works a little differently. Think of it more like a car or home insurance policy: if you can't or don't pay the premiums, you don't get the benefit. You wouldn't go to Norwich Union or
  2. Thanks, for your replies. sj01. It was my solicitor that said I may have to pay back benefits received, he is looking into it for me. I believe in being pro-active, wanting to check things myself. Nystagmite, I see your point about being compensated twice, but I've worked and payed in National Insurance contributions all my adult life, surely thats what its for, else why pay it. Whatever I get in 'compensation' has got to last until Retirement age, ( what ever that will turn out to be ), as the type of work I'm now able to do will be very restricted. Thanks again.
  3. I've just found out that I have passed my third Atos Assessment with 18 points, and can continue to receive ESA. WRAG group. ( see my other threads ) Following on from my accident a couple of years ago, which cost me my home and my job, and was the reason for claiming in the first place. It appears my personal injury claim will be settled shortly, but I've been told I will have to pay back all the benefits payments I've received since my accident. My question is this: Is this actually the case, bearing in mind my ESA was contibution based rather than Income based. Any thou
  4. Here we go again. I'm about to go through the Atos Farce all over again for the third time, ( 1st one failed,'0' points, but passed at reconsideration. 2nd one passed with 18 points ). I Returned my most recent ESA50 form on the 6th June. ( New questions, different lay-out, very 'clever' wording ). I then had an interesting phone call yesterday from ATOS. To arrange an appointment for a Medical. During the call, I asked her "how come your ringing, you normally write with appointments", she claimed they used to do that, but had too many complaints, they now ring up to
  5. Thanks Life-goes-on Thats the one, I found it very interesting. Why should we be forced to do something against our will, just for someone elses convenience. Using the excuse its cheaper, is just that, an excuse. What its really about is control, and this is just one example of this control. Someone said in one post, "I personally think you are just being awkward" then went on to say " its best just to move on and accept things ". This is what they want, everyone to just accept everything they say and do, without question, and 'move on' in the direction they tell us to. W
  6. "I could see people on JSA being sanctioned if they do not supply/open a bank account" Exactly. This is what they are trying to do to my son. He has recently had an interview for a new claim for JSA, he has'nt got a bank account, and dos'nt want one, so they threatened daily signing on if he refuses to give bank details. I read on here somewhere, but cant find it, that they use this as tactic to penalise people. I'll be starting a new thread regarding ny sons situation when I have all the details. Alan
  7. "And check regular against my bank statements on-line" I refuse to buy anything on , or use on-line banking, (don't trust it ) I now keep a detailed record of D/D, but the banks can still catch you out. Twice in recent months I've had a D/D due out on the same day as a benefit payment due in, they took D/D out first, meaning D/D gets returned as insufficent funds, then the benefit payment went in. The account eventually ballances out, but not before Letters start arriving on the mat. I dont trust Banks either, but have very little choice. Alan
  8. Hi jsa12. I agree with what you said "you are really far better off without a bank account". I would gladly stop using banks, but, unless I pay all my household bills,etc, up front, or as they come in, in a lump sum there is very little option than to have an account of some kind. I've tried to avoid having a bank account, but I found some, if not all of the companies I delt with would only do ' pay in full ' as bills come in, or, if by instalments, ' Direct Debit only '. They would'nt accept or provide for any other method. I also agree with, and found as caledfwlch said "E
  9. With all due respect, and without starting an argument, the comment "I know exactly what you're going through". by H, was, in my opinion a justified one, of course everyone is different, and medications effect people in different ways, that goes without saying, but H, was just offering empathy and support, and I took it in that context, the other comments H, made also helped. ScarletPimpernel, "Empathy and support are great, and I encourage both. 'I know how you feel' has no place in either". I disagree, again it depends on the context in which its used. H's use of "I know exactly what
  10. Thanks, you've helped a great deal. I was thinking of stopping them, but shall speak to my doctor first, I realise its early days, I probable should give them a chance to work. I've have an appointment arranged for next week, I'll see what he says. "This site is a great antidote to depression as well " Very true, this site allways cheers me up when I'm feeling down, and has also helped a great deal in the past with other issues I've had. and thanks again for your best wishes Alan
  11. Hi, I've found this site extreemly helpful in my dealings with Banks and Benefit issues in the past, and only found this area by chance, (searched 'Mirtazapine'), I've had a read of some of the threads, and would be greatful for some advice. I've had bouts of depression on and off most of my adult life, following a RTA, 2 years, which triggered another bout, I was prescribed Fluoxetine 60g, I found this kept me on an even kiel and I was able to function, provided I avoided anything stressfull. Recently, about a month ago, I had soom extreemly stressfull problems, both personal, and
  12. Hi All. Just am Update, but I believe an important one. As mentioned in an earlier 'post', I'm about to go through this Atos fiasco all over again but, along with the help and support of the people on this site, I was better prepared. I filled in the ESA50 form, attended the Atos 'Med' Assessment, and have thankfully 'PASSED'. The so-called HCP appeared a bit deffensive, and was looking at my ESA50 form, and did comment on what I had written in the 'Other Information' section of the form. If this made any differrence or not, I'm not sure. He went on to say this assessment is the s
  13. Yes, I've had my second ESA50 form a couple of weeks ago, I'm already in the WRAG group, I think this is normal practice, (jumping through their hoops) Fill it in, but do it carefully and in detail, photo copy it before sending it off, as they will try to twist everything, you probably already know that after the last one. I filled my form in, by cross refferencing with a list of 'discriptors', its not cheating, its all about get the wording right. I'm still expecting '0' points though, lol
  14. Thats interesting, HadEnough and also very sickening. "It’s claimed the extension will “help people to move into and progress in work, while supporting the most vulnerable”." Who are they trying to kid. Its a joke, only i'm not laughing.
  15. Quote As already mentioned, people in the WRAG are required to attend 6 work-focused interviews at either the Jobcentre or a private agency known as a Pathways Provider. The interviews should not be more frequent than one per month. Although people have reported feeling harassed and pressured by the interviewer, These interviews where a complete waste of time, I did'nt even have all six before the following occurred: She then said ok, this is your last session, if your still on ESA we will see you again in three years. I then asked her what exactly was the point of all this, n
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