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  1. Where can I fand a good book/article covering debt collection laws? That is apart from here! LOL I would like to sit down and read to arm myself for my comming battles (you don't even want to ask) I have secured and un secured debt and a car on hpi that i cannot replace or manage without. Thanks
  2. I have just recieved 6 points and a £240 fine for a very similar case,I also had my car taken (midway through a working day) and it took 3 weeks to get my liscence re issued. I had apparently been caught speeding in a company car just before i left the company in 2005 and my liscence "expired" due to me not sending it off, how I was supposed to do this as I had no knowledge of the fine i do not know. I was stopped and told I ahd no liscence and my car was removed even though the customer who's house i was outside said I could leave it in their drive (the car was taxed insured and mot'd) that cost me £120. I then went to produce my licence and found the document was dated for november not december (when i was stopped) and was reported for failure to produce, then was told that my insurance was invalid because I had no licence! :-xFantastic! The whole thing was a vicious circle! I then waited patiently for my summons and eventually got one in a miss spelling of my name (they had got the details from the dvla who had misspelled my name on the car reg document) I understand that in essance I was in the wrong but how the hell was I supposed to know that??? I drive for a living and I will be seriously effected by the insurance hike I will now face. Is there anything I can do?? thanks
  3. Ah yes but 2 wrongs don't make a right. Do YOU expect to be abused both verbally and physically at work EVERY day?? No I think not, shame you think I (and other bailiffs) should put up with it.
  4. Ah yes but the bailiff has a warrant, he's done his job, the arguement is with the local council. villify them not the bailiff (or me for that matter)
  5. Sorry to hear you've been hard done by, sounds like a bit of shoddy practice, not a nice thing, complain, I would. But does being a single mum with kids entitle you to not poay your fine? I think not. Thats why the bailiffs there, what he did after that was maybe out of order, but he's there because you didn't pay.
  6. Oh and just for paulclarkson1985 vbmenu_register("postmenu_734999", true); those that can pay are usually the ones who deny the debt, those that can't usually want to talk, and I DO my best to HELP them.
  7. I would like to thank EVERYONE who has posted on this thread, particularly those who seem to think that it is unfair to attack me for going about my legal and morally correct job. I am highly aware that there are many poeple that are unable to pay their bills/taxes and struggle to keep their heads above water (even the big bad wolf has to feed his kids) but I am, alsoi highly aware that there is a significant amount that feel that they are some how beyond the reach of the law. To explain myself I work mostly on fines and I have no sympathy for those who break the law when the rest of us have to abide by it, how would you feel if an uninsured driver with no liscense or mot killed a member of your family??? I enforce the punishments handed down by the courts to these idiots (many of which I end up taking another illegal vehicle off). Does that make me a troll?? The fact of the matter is that those on benefits or low incomes can ask the courts for a payment plan (that is if they bother to appear in the first place) and if they keep to it will never see a bailiff! Bully boy tactics are abhorrant, and never help in the long run................buuuuuttt unfortunately the attitude of a bailiff is often a reflection of the debtor, how many of you are civilised towards bailiffs or debt collectors (be honest now.......come one...........see.) but you expect curtosy from them. As I have stated over and over my main point is that if you want to complain/dispute do it at the beginning not when there's a bailiff on your door. So thanks again everyone for your interest, I'll be around.
  8. Aww how sweet it is that you care for my wellbeing yvette, I have avoided this part of the forum for exactly the reasons I am regretting now, but I'm sure that it makes you feel better to attempt to belittle me, oh and I'm bored today.
  9. I think you may have a very valid point there, the company that I work for (I'll not name it, for obvious reasons) Send an initial letter offering advice/payment plans, then a second letter is dropped by hand with similar innards, then they are visited by myself, all very reasonable, all hoping for a fair and painless solution. I am disgusted by the behaviour of some other companies and would like to assure you that i have not quote: become DESENSITISED to unfortunate human beings who may not have the benefit of your worldly ways? but thanks for your concearn Yvette. Unfortunately for me, I know how many attempts at contact are made and when I hear 'I don't know anything about this' 20x a day I get a little jaded towards the people saying it.
  10. Have a look here at the bottom of the thread and you'll see what I mean. I'm here on this forum for my own reasons but I will check this thread as often as I can and give advice if needed. Cheers THe Big Bad Wolf. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs/81730-help-me-quickly-pls.html
  11. Thankyou very much janet M. I am glad of the support. I would like to extend an offer of advise to anyone who would like a real life opinion, rather than that of those who advise blindly from a forum (not that some of what i see isn't very sound) But I would also like to point out that the time to ask for help in discussions with creditors, councils, courts ect is at the first notice from them, not when the bailiff is at your door. To a bailiff (as to me) you are just another person who they have a warrant for, I peronally can deal with 30 cases a day, so you can see why I am a little un sympathetic when it is just debt avoidance.
  12. The car belongs to the sister of a disabled person. So do many others, because you may have a disabled second cousins wife it doesn't mean a thing, but again people are disputing fines when the bailiffs come! odd that.
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