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  1. Got my SAR back on friday. Gona go thru it today and add it all up. I take it i then send my initial letter back asking for the money?what's the timescale on that? and should I send it to my local branch or the head office in edinburgh?
  2. Cheers fella. I'm about to go on my training copurse for my ne job you see so I'll have to make sure everything's done in time and on time with that. I'll be going offshore as well every two weeks so I'll have to be careful with my timings
  3. Just wiondering. What's the quickest anyone's had their money refunded? And Has anyone ever been offered the full amount before going to court? I don't know if I could cope with that. that puts the fear right up me!
  4. Posted my letter asking for a list of charges today. So am I right in thinking I should have them in my hand my 1st of April at the latest? I'm dreading taking them on but i'm encouraged by how much success other people have had!
  5. Hey everybody, I've just printed out my first letter asking for all my charges in the past six years. I've just left the airforce and I can say right now that my money management wasn't the best. I was regularly overdrawn and when out of the country lots of charges were accrued. (£135) in three days at one point last year. I'll keep you all updated as to what I'm owe and how things go. Wish me luck. This site has made me feel like I think everyone should feel. The banks are there to help us, not the other way around. It's our money, we've worked hard for it so what gives them the right to grossly overcharge what is often a minor misjudgement or error. Lets get at them.
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