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  1. Hi there, I am in the process of taking this company to court. I sent all my documents at the correct time but they have come up with the brainwave of saying that I only sent 4 pages of my bill instead of 10. I would be obliged if anyone could help me with filling in the court documents and advising me how to word it professionally.....
  2. Hi, I have been stung also on a cash back deal. Has anyone had a deal with this company? I took out a 12 mth deal and was supposed to get my cash back when sending my 6th mth 9th mth and 12th mth bill. I sent my 6th mth bill on time and did everything according to their terms @ conditions. 6 weeks later they informed me that they weren't paying me my cash back because I had only sent them 4 pages of my bill instead of 10 pages. NOT SO!! I had sent them everything that 3 had sent me, and if 3 sent me 10 pages then that is what they received. the only thing that I didn't do which I should have w
  3. whatever you do DONT go with PHONES 2U DIRECT. they are a nightmare. they said I didn't send my 10 pages of my bill up to them and only sent 4 pages so I cant have my cash back or any other claims back either..THE ROBBERS..I am dealing with trading standards at the moment who are going to write to them but I will go to court if I have to even if only to discredit them to stop them conning other people...My mother also has a cash back deal with them and had to go to the trading standards over her 1st bill but luckily she got that but now her second cash back is overdue it doesn't look as though
  4. does anyone know anything about this company..I am thinking about taking a cash back deal with them..are they ok. or are they one of the dodgy ones. if anyone knows anything pleazzz reply ...cheers
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