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  1. Hi Caro, not to worry all's well that ends well. Yes got the full amount plus court costs and interest up to date of claim which totals £1950.45 I'm thinking of helping my friend with her Abbey claim now as I've learned through experience what not to do!
  2. Thanks Katsbubb, wouldn't you know, after having the judgement set aside, and sending a CPR part 18 request for more information they've settled in full. I guess it's their way of not admitting liability but making it all go away. They must've been having a spring clear out. Anyhow there we are, if any moderator happens across this thread it can be retitled *******WON********** (although there's a part of me that will miss the banter with the bank - and a part of me that wonders about the interest from the date of claim till now, but I guess I need to let it go) Thanks for the templates and the chance to read about other people's claims. Good luck everyone.
  3. Did you email them in formal or informal language? I see now that my judgement has been set aside. Did it get that far with you or did you complain after they asked for it but it had been granted? Sorry for all these questions.
  4. How exactly did you complain to MCOL? I find your story quite inspiring and may well try to follow your footsteps concerning the complaint.
  5. Thanks Katsbubb, good idea about helping each other only I don't know what help I would be - i.e. don't listen to me or you'll end up in the same sort of mess. However, I guess I couldn't get it too wrong in offering moral support! And it's nice to know we're not alone. When you sent the info to YB did you send some kind of covering letter, and did you send it to the Glasgow address or the address in Leeds? As for the court did you do some sort of covering letter for them too, and if so what did you say? Something along the lines of "please find attached schedule of charges which the bank have asked me for (even though they've got 3 other copies)"? With the claim number on it. Or was it more official than that? (Well done you for following up about them not acknowledging - I assumed there was no point mentioning to anyone that they're lying as they seem to be able to say whatever they like - let me know what MCOL do.) On my MCOL claim I also missed off the last bit that "if the charges are a fee for a service then they must be reasonable" and I wondered if that's why their defence seems to dwell on this or whether numbers 7 8 & 9 of their defence always includes this. Can you help on any of these? And thanks for taking the time to respond. Good luck with your claim!
  6. Is there a password you have to know in order for people to help? If so, how can I get hold of it? Also how do you contact a moderator? I tried the private messaging and either I did it wrong (quite likely- there's a definite theme emerging!) or I'm being ignored. I really don't want to go down that road. Can anyone help me on whether to amend my claim or just provide the information to the bank? and should I send it to the Scottish address? Please, please, PLEASE!!!
  7. Thank you anyway. Guess I'll feel better once I've slept on it. Grace.
  8. No, I didn't get the details put onto my claim - I thought the only way of doing that was by amending the claim, but I thought that because they hadn't acknowledged, I might just slip through. But i was wrong, and they've made up the fact that they've acknowledged but reading through other people's threads I see that this is pretty standard practice for YB. Just wonder if it's too late to amend the claim at this late stage? I wish I hadn't rushed in the first place. But hindsight's pretty useless stuff isn't it? Could I answer their request for information at the same time as amend the claim? Grace.
  9. Sorry about that, I did stick to original thread but received no answer to my question concerning warrants so I thought maybe I should start a new thread. I know I'm really dense, and I hate to admit it, but what do you mean copy and paste my first post - do you mean all of it? And paste it into a reply? Thanks for your time Sarah.
  10. Just wondering if there's something wrong with my post cos noone's replied. Looking through previous posts I can't find the answers to my questions. Can anyone direct me? I need to know if it's too late to amend my claim once the bank have entered a defense. Whether I've got to start sending things to the Glasgow address.And where can l look at a "standard defence' as far as YB are concerned. Please help. I've felt sick all day, faced with all the legal jargon they've thrown at me.
  11. :? I just received response from YB saying they've had the judgement set aside and have entered a defence and that as I failed to provide details of the charges they have enclosed a Part 18 Request for that information by 13th June. (I did the claim online and didn't send the schedule to the bank or the court, and didn't put the account number or sort code in the POC. I also abbreviated the N1 POC and may have unwittingly missed something out ) Being as my case seems quite similar to lancashirelass's case would it be best at this stage to forward copies of the schedule to the bank's solicitor's and one to the court, or should I formally ask to amend my claim? Or is it too late to do so? The bank previously received 3 copies of the schedule, complete with letters which referenced the account number and sort code, though one copy went to the branch and was never acknowledged. Also what do I do about fact that they want to be known as Clydesdale bank, how does this affect the claim and what do I do about it? Is there anywhere I can look to see the "standard" defence and check that it is what they've sent to me? Can anyone help because I feel so overwhelmed and pathetic I feel like giving up.
  12. Hi there, I was just wondering what the warrant is? I've tracked my claim online and the judgement was issued on 23rd May. Is it worth continuing with the warrant given, as you'v already said that the YB will merely ask for the judgement to be set aside? (I've redone the Particulars of Claim and an Application notice in readiness for when this happens) but I thought as they hadn't acknowledged I had nothing to lose in the meantime. I suppose what I'm asking is, do I have to continue with the warrant in order to get YB to ask for the judgement to be set aside? I feel a bit in limbo. And I don't know how to fill in the MCOL section on warrants - it isn't clear - and I've also proved myself to be not the sharpest tool in the box. Please help. Many thanks. Grace.
  13. Oh my god! How stupid am I? I can sit there staring at a screen and not see what's right in front of me. I've logged in to moneyclaim several times and not seen that option to view your POC. How stupid I felt before is nothing to how stupid I feel now. And no, I didn't put the account number. Ah well at least now I know for sure. Doh! Guess I need to bite the bullet and start it all over again. Oh god I could cry.
  14. It was at Money Claim online. I'm in Northampton so I guess it is also my local court. (If I'd known that I might've known where to send the schedule of charges too.)
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