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  1. Hi It just occurred to me... I'll bet that the millions the government is going to spend on replacing Trident would pay for a state of the art isolation unit for every hospital and a rapid method of identifying the organism ( exciting research is getting close to replacing the time consuming swab and cultivation technique) Then all people a) entering hospital for treatment b) leaving after treatment c) visitors for immno supressed patients and infants with immature immunity d) all people in close contact with patients could be TESTED and appropriate protocols set in place. There will always be the necessity to manage infections, we never know what ingenious organisms are waiting in 'the wings). Holamiga
  2. It's only fair that I make a public apology to my NatWest bank I am deeply :oops: . I rang my bank and a helpful lady gave me the answer.....I had forgotten making arrangements for any Credit Card purchases to be debited immediately from account to avoid charges. At least I have had a wake up call re CC use So sorry to have been a 'time waster' and have apolgised to paulyc. However I think I could have waited forever for a reply to my enquiry . that can't look forward to a windfall. , but wish all of you 100 percent success with your claims. adios Holamiga
  3. I would aggree with RobberBank..' a bird in the hand worth two in the bush' Yes do enjoy. Holamiga
  4. Yesterday I found bank statements for 2003 & 4 and the 'ghost' Direct Debit appeared for 1st time in November 2004 and to date they have taken £1,463.88 in wildly varied amounts from £6.39 to £191,70 occasionally missing a month. Debit interest on account charged monthlyI still haven't received an explanation. At least it seems I don't need to write for previous 2 years statements. Is this a familiar pattern to anyone ? Cheers Holamiga.
  5. Really appreciate your kindness paulyc I don't expect miracles just a little move in the right direction. If it turns out that I have a legitimate claim, without this site I could have been losing money ad infinitum this would really be a wake up call for me. Cheers holamiga
  6. Thanks for taking the trouble of asking Paulyc. I only have the past 2 years to scrutinise to hand, previous ones are packed up somewhere. It's the complete lack of explanation that seems to be setting my situation apart. Just these amounts varying between £50 and £150 (approx) cropping up every month. If they really are unlawful and I have failed to investigate it's mea culpa. I do suspect they could have been keeping me overdrawn, NatWest must really love customers like me. I haven't had a reply to my enquiry (signed for mail) and don't know how long to wait before sending off a SAR. Frankly I am very anxious about any calculations I may have to struggle with. I didn't even realise that NW had been taken over by BS that's how dim I am in respect of my finances. Cheers Holamiga
  7. I haven't been able read of anyone with my problem. All the charges debited to my account are under NatWest MC (DD) no breakdown at all. I have an overdraft which I haved used and maybe once overdrawn in. All my DD & SO are paid, no returned cheques but under this DD (which I didn't set up) I have been charged over £1,500 in past 2 years. I have no means of calculating any thing. Have sent letter asking for explanation but meanwhile I wonder if this is usual for Nat West ( been a customer for over 40 yrs) Figures freeze my mind and I have failed to keep my eye on their ball. Think I may need to pay a solicitor to sort this. Very grateful for any help. holamiga
  8. Thanks for reply Smoorach. I need to understand the difference between a penalty and a service before I go any further. I have an overdraft with my bank which I have been making use of. Examining my statements for the past 2 years (been very dilatory up to now being fairly innumerate, figures freeze my brain) I find that over £1,500 has been debited from my account under a ****** (bank's name) MC, DD, periodically small sums are debited under Debit Interest and I foolishly thought that was all I paid for the privilege of an overdraft. All my DD & SO are paid without a hitch and no cheques have bounced. I haven't exceeded my overdraft. I don't know if this sum of £1,500 is payment for a service or a penalty. I have written to my bank today asking for an explanation and used 'sign for' mailing but I expect a long wait. My son says 'I shouldn't have charge of a Bank Account' and I can't deny this. If someone could perhaps answer my query I would be so grateful. Thanks for the good luck wishes Mochamoo. Holamiga
  9. jamesrap you puzzle me...I WAS talking about creating disease controlled environments. Thanks JonCris, for your support and understanding my points. I am the first to admit that I am not as up to date as I would be if still working BUT I do still read and have contact with working colleagues still in teaching and they are in despair. Holamiga
  10. I started my nurse training in 1953 in a hospital treating all forms of tuberculosis, and retired as a Nurse Tutor in 1994. My early experiences taught me very thoroughly about preventing cross infection. I nursed a patient with typhoid fever in an open ward, it didn't spread !!!! Since then I have seen much evidence of 'throwing out the baby with the bath water'. The rot started with contract cleaning!!! formerly domestic staff were fiercely protective of their ward's reputation for cleanliness. I fought in vain against many changes i.e. uniforms washed at home (saved money) worn outside the hospital ??? hair flowing freely (saved money on caps) jewelry worn, watches/rings (hoard pathogens). Staff should have shower facilites and clean uniforms daily or more often as required. So many industries have superior protocols in this respect especially in covering hair (healthy source of pathogens). Of course rapid patient turnover increases workload but staffing is not commensurate with this. I worked on the Project 2000 curriculum for nursing and one of the government promises was to create the ratio of 2 qualified nurses to 1 unqualified from the longstanding reverse IT NEVER HAPPENED !!!!! much of the 'hospital acquired infection' problem is about resources and well as the failure to apply (understand ?) basic principles of social, domestic and aseptic hygiene. I watch TV 'hospital' programmes in a state of great tension, they could be used to GREAT effect on how to encourage maximum rates of cross infection.... I have had my share of surgery on the NHS in a blythe spirit but now exceeding reluctant to sign up for the joint surgery I need. If I do decide the first thing I will ask for will be details of the infection rates. It isn't right that people should have the extra burden of worry about acquiring an infection. My advice would be have a notebook and pen at the ready and make note of the answers you get to your questions IT WILL FOCUS MINDS and please don't feel intimidated...the NHS is a service you pay for. Good luck everyone.
  11. Thanks for replies. I have been searching for a NatWest forum and can't find one. Help please. Many thanks Holamiga
  12. Hello everyone I have been very dilatory on the subject of checking my bank statements and it seems now that I have paid the price. I have tended just to look at the balance and vow to tighten my belt. I buckled down the other day and noticed a DD for my bank which I didn't recognise and looked back for 2 years and noticed amounts over £100 deducted. I suspect this is about using my overdraft which I NEVER exceed. Being disabled I can't access my bank physically and am not sure how to proceed and I am not sure if my bank is entitled to charge these amounts for using my overdraft facility. I would really appreciate any help.
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