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  1. Thanks, is there a template available which tells them they have failed to compy with the consumes act and the LBA, thanks
  2. once the engine was replaced they returned the car on the back of a flatbed, a few days later collected the car to fix the body damage, apparently the delivery guy drove it onto the flatbed and hit the underside of the front bumper on the ramp and snapped the headlight mounting, as well as misaligning the grill (nose) from the bonnet so much so that the bonnet would not close. after the nose was realigned, nothing else was fixed, they took it upon themselves to send it in for the MOT which failed. I don't understand why the MOT check was done as there was only body w
  3. I paid through Paypal with a debit card attached to my paypal account. Paypal advised them to request the case be closed. I closed it but arranged with paypal that I get 14 days to reopen. Paypal now have a ticket open escalating the case to senior management and will update me in 72 hours. My concern is , am I poking a hornets nest if I start down the court route. What happens if the garage removes the engine and leaves my car and engine outside their premises, refusing to deliver.
  4. can someone please advise. I sent my car to national engine center to have the engine replaced. the car was returned with body damage and had 30Miles extra on the clock. I paid for it through paypal and after opening a dispute this garage finally agreed to take the car back on condition that the paypal case be closed, they agreed to repair the list of damage I provided and within 7 days return the car. on day 14 they sent the car in for a MOT without consulting me first, the car failed. it has now been 3 weeks and they won't return the vehicle, they say I can fetch
  5. I think the court rout would be best as I have seen most people get as far as filing the papers with the court, at this point Cap1 tend to pay up. I just need to get the wording right so as not to further delay it by miswording the letter.
  6. I found the other half of the letter (page 2) it says that if I accept the offer then fill in the attached form and send back within 14 days. since the 14 days have passed, can I assume that I can send them another letter I have found one on the internet please let me know if it should be changed in any way before sending. Thanks Dear Sir/Madam, AC/ No 1234567890 On 07-05 2013 I sent you a letter regarding the PPI policy I was sold by you, Capital One in conjunction with my application for a credit card. I have since received your reply and note that you have offered me £557.
  7. I Still keep up with payments, the credit limit is 1000 outstanding is about 450
  8. the date should be up until 04-04-2013 [ATTACH]44349[/ATTACH]
  9. I have sent in a claim for missold ppi to Capital One , dating back to 2002. I filled in the spreadsheet FosCISheet. using 29% apr the amount totalled £1818.18. Last week I received a letter offering me a settlement of £557.32 of which the 8% added will be taxed at 20% deducting 17.13. is there a letter (sample ) I could use to deal with their reply. I have about 6 days to reply to this letter before they consider it settled. below is the part of their letter which contains the important bits Dear sir/madam Thank youfor your correspondence bla bla bla O
  10. I am in the process of moving out and have had 7 years of on-going problems with my landlady, recently I spoke to one of her other tenants whom she is evicting, this teneat informed me that the landlady had discussed all my personal and financial details with her, this other tenant also knew almost everything about my circumstances for moving, my son's medical condition, and my financial situation. I have never met this other tenant before today so it would not have come from me. can anyone advice me on how to deal with this as she has also been telling me about the circumstances of some
  11. Myself and my wife have two credit cards between us credit card 1 is at £3826 of the £4000 limit with a min payment of £150, credit card 2 (wife's) is at £756 of the £800 limit min payment is £37. I always pay £200/pm on card 1 and £100/pm on card 2. I have been trying for the last year to pay the balance but unfortunately I have also had to use the card to survive, although I only use the card as a last resort. I can see that within a month or two both cards will be maxed out and all I will be paying is interest with a few pound just keeping the cards from going over the limit. Is ther
  12. Thank you for this I have just read through the tenancy agreement and can't find any mention of increases. regarding the visits the only entries I found were the landlord must give 24 written notice for any inspection and 24 hr notice within the last 28 days for viewing purposes for new tenants. no pre action letter sent. I must add she did pay us a visit today and gave me a list of new calculations this time with the correct figures from the council, although the figure dropped to what looks close to what I have worked out as being correct she added a further 1700 according to her thi
  13. the tit bits are answers to questions posted, I did not realise the amount if information needed on this site. My wife is mentioned as she is on the Tenancy agreement and to give an idea as to the nature of the LL The S21 was issued although the LL says she will not follow through with it, I don't believe her, but that will be another matter as this court case is about the outstanding amounts. Regarding the Carer Allowance, My wife was registered as a carer to my son until the Gov changed the rules on disabilities at which point my son's condition was deemed not a disability and therefor the a
  14. Thanks she is being paid direct. She dropped her calculations in the post box in my door, she called me on the phone later that evening and asked us to leave as the amount was £9000 I told her I will go see the council as the amounts didn't seem right and true to word the council verified this with a printout of all payments for the full period she is claiming for. she then visited a day after submitting the court claim indicating she has a copy of the council payments with the amounts the council has paid, she also has on her list of calculations 59 months of 1150 totalling 69000 already t
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