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  1. hi seasidelady, thanks for your help, i don`t think i put before that i have already sent a letter of refusal. the one i got the reply to was my lba. as they have said "this is our final reply" and with there being so much going on with the courts nowadays (which i don`t understand) i`m not sure what to do.
  2. I have now received a letter back from barclay card. it says " blah blah blah,....... i have checked our records, and i can confirm that you have been charged fees totalling £946.33 since march 2003. in may we refunded £260.00 of these charges. blah blah blah........following publication of the report by the OFT. we believe our charges are valid and reasonable and as such we are not prepared to refund any further charges. i am sorry............ for the purposes of the ombudsman service you may regard this letter as our "final response" i am now wondering what i can/should do? could someone please advise me? phill.
  3. hi all, received a letter back from b/c. referring me back to "our" terms and conditions and this included details of our charges. is this one of them standard letters? should i now send my lba? i have read through the lba and it seems geared towards banks, is there an lba for credit cards? i must admit that i am starting to get a little confused with all this, there is just so much info out there and it is like wading through a swamp. any help gratefully received. thank you. phill.
  4. 14 days up and i`ve had an offer of £260. sending letter of rejection now and see what happens. phill.
  5. on my statements it says 27.9% plus i looked on the web site and on there it says the inital card (the one i`ve got) is the same 27.9%. the way i see it is; if i`m wrong they can take me to court. if they don`t pay it, i`ll take them to court. just have to wait and see.
  6. first letter of request for money back sent yesterday £596 plus £350.33 contracual interest. 14 days to wait for foboff. thanks to vampiress for the spredsheet and all the other people who have helped so far.
  7. hi again chezt. that is great thank you and a fantastic help get this all posted tomorrow and wait to see. phill.
  8. thanks chezt, mine is the bc initial it says it is 27.9%, so would this be the one i would use?
  9. i think so yes. i only ever borrowed £250 back in 2003 but have been paying them back ever since. ok this is my own fault for being in so much finantial difficulty over the years. i would like some of the money back that i have paid them over the odds. i`ve got a number of figures on my statments. purchase annual rate 27.9% cash annual rate 27.9% and interest on your standard balance 2.075% not that i understand what any of this means!!
  10. hi all, i am trying to find out what interest barclaycard charged me so i can use the spredsheet. could anyone tell me how to find it please?
  11. hi all, sorry to bother you. i am trying to work out what interest to charge bc, how do i know what rate they have charged me so i can use vamps spredsheet?
  12. hi folks, rite i`ve now got all the statements back and am ready to claim my money back. what would be a reasonable amount of compensation to ask for back? is there a standard amount? i`ve been told 6% is what most people are asking for. i seem to remember something about also being able to make bc take my name off a bad credit register, is this true? thanks for any help. phill.
  13. hi all, my 40 days are now up and i have not received all my statements, the usual microfiche delay tactic. i am now not sure what i should do. i have seen some stuff about going to court about non compliance, is this what i should do next or can i just estimate from the statements i already have? any help would be appreciated.
  14. i have sent my first letter off today. just got to wait the 40 days now
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