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  1. Hi, I've got following situation. I have personal bank account with NatWest since 2001 and business bank account since 2002 (sole trader business account). Been sole trade since 2002 but in 2007 incorporated limited company and opened another business bank account for the ltd. The sole trader and ltd have been operating in parallel for 2-3 year and then all fixed assets and liabilities of sole trader have been transferred to the ltd. The sole trader got a substantial overdraft facilities which have been paid by the ltd since the merger. NatWest approached me by requesting a repayment of the overdraft in full. I replied that I can't afford but I'm happy to convert the overdraft into a business loan. They said OK but the consolidation loan has to be a personal loan, not business. As it is a business liability, I have provided all evidence like annual accounts for the sole trader, for the ltd and for the use of the overdraft NatWest is refusing to discuss conversion of the overdraft into business loan. The only option they offer me is a personal loan on the basis it was given to a sole trader. Any thoughts and suggestions how to deal with NatWest in this case will be much appreciated. Thank you
  2. I said needless to say as there have been a lot of wrong going on my Oyster card for some time. I have been fined because I was unable to go out of underground due of lack of funds (£0.50 short ) in my Oyster Card. It happened because the TFL system didn't record two entries in last 24 hours. At the time of fine I was aware of one of them but I was not aware of the other one. I explained politely to the inspector but he refused to move 5 metres away to the next ticket machine and to check the history of my travelling as confirmation of my case. 20 minutes later when I was in my office I have been shocked to find that my on-line Oyster Card shows TFL owes me already £45. This money have been sitting there for few months. On top of this in past 48 hours there have been inappropriate total charges of £10. Most of wrong records happened at the entry/start point. Something I have verbally advised about the local TFL staff on few occasions. Saying all above I have received in past 2 months two automatic notifications of wrong charges from TFL which have been automatically refunded on my next entry to underground. So my question is, if they can do such automatic notifications of incorrect charge which have been followed by automatic refunds, then why they didn't apply the same procedure/algorithm to the other £55 they owe me for some time but they put me in situation of being victim instead and on top of this they fine me. I didn't know that I'm in debit until I checked my on-line account. I'm not sure whether to wait for the summons to be issued and to go to court to prove my case or to write to IRCAS now, since I missed the deadline for appeal. This is a technical issue I'm not aware of. I don't care about the summons at all. I'm absolutely fine with facing the judge. I wanted your opinion/advise on the shortest route on this occasion and what are the options as I'm not aware whether I have legal right after the appeal deadline passed. Thank you to everyone
  3. Thanks. I'm not expecting out of court settlement at all, especially for £80.00 . I have just won't another summon (on professional basis for £28k with evidence of the incompetence of authority). So the reason for asking is I have a strong case of their incompetence and wrong doing with my Oyster Card. But I have no experience of: 1)dealing with a case when the appeal deadline has passed (obviously my fault due to personal circumstances) 2) dealing with IRCAS... I'm just a professional who has no legal background but who can read the small prints and who provide good evidence whenever available. I have just needed some yes or not advise. The rest will be sorted. Many thanks to all again
  4. Hello everyone, I have been fined by TFL (needles to say it was incorrect fine) but I missed the deadline to appeal due to a mix of business responsibilities and personal health issue. Can I still object this fine? I have enough evidence for my appeal and I am positive I will win, but legally do I have the right appeal when I have missed the deadline? Many thanks
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