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  1. RGS1 Umm yeah l don't see why not, sorry for the delay in reply been busy! I'll try n get it for you!
  2. Umm not sure RFisher33 but will have a look, Definitely Reading Crown Court think it was a female Judge! Maybe they did a bulk job.
  3. Hi guys, l have a question with regards to the form N225. What percent interest do l calculate being charged since the date of the claim? Do l use the 8% as mentioned in the preliminary/LBA letter (up to date of judgement) ??:grin:
  4. Pward33 it does sound like exciting times. I am hoping that others are having similar results. It does seem to be very much a lottery. I really had/have no idea how this is gonna turn out but l think the finish line is in sight!! Yes Pward33 it is reading, sounds like a good courts to get your case transfered too. Shame you can pick your court location lol
  5. Thank you auburngreeneyes, As l said to Gary l'm guess by your response this is a good thing!!
  6. Yes GaryH Reading courts! How did you guess?? lol Hmmm not sure l got one of them but if the N225 form is as good l will use that instead! Thank you for your reply. I take it this is becoming common. Is this a good result then?? I'm reserved to the fact of cracking open the bubbly and re-decorating the front room till l have the money in my account
  7. Hi Guys, In need of some advice! Have receieved a letter from my local courts stating that without further noptice it is ordered that 1) Defence struck out as an abuse of process 2) Claiment may enter judgment forthwith. I believe that l am now supposed to enter a judgment using the N205 form, the form doesn't seem to be that straight forward to use. HAs anyone else had to enter a judgement this way? Thanks
  8. Just a little update and some questions. I have heard nothing from HSBC since sending my LBA (14days ended) so my next step is to file a claim to the courts. It has come to my attention about compound interest. Is this something l should be claiming for? If so how do l calculate this and what legal ground do l have for claiming this. Any help would be great Cheers Moneymad
  9. Thanks guy, will be back to update further.
  10. Funny enough when l got home yesterday to my amazement l found a letter saying that they have recieved my letter and are investigating the situation. Should l wait to be contacted or still send the LBA? Thanks:)
  11. Hi guys, just a quick update it is now 14 days since l have sent my Preliminary letter without a response from HSBC. My recorded delivery recorded that it was recieved and signed for. I just hope l sent it to the right person. As it has been 14days l'm about to send my Letter before action. Should l wait to hear back from HSBC or send it to the same person as l sent the first? Any help would be great Thanks:)
  12. Firstly l apologise for this response for being so general to all who responded but thank you all for your responses and l appreciate all your comments and suggestions. I will now continue with crusade and claim back all money which is owed to me from the might of HSBC. Thanks again guys appreciate it big time. I will let you know how l get on!!! Thanks
  13. Thank you Nettyg and HSBCrusher for your responses. Just to clarify, you think that l will be safe to make 1 claim without my account being closed but to be safe open a parachute account? If this is so, l will continue with my crusade to claim back my overdraft charges from the might of HSBC. Thanks guys
  14. Hi l'm a bit behind everyone else and this has probably been mentioned time before. I wish to claim on my bank overdraft charges over the past 6 years but am worried they will close my account including my mortgage :o and savings account. Will this happend or has this happened before? Thank you any help will be much appreciated!!
  15. Hi l am a little behind everyone else so this probably has been mentioned time before. I wish to claim on my overdraft bank chaeges accumilated over the 6 years but l am affraid of having my bank account, savings account and mortgage closed if l succeed in my claim. Will this/has this happened? Can someone please put me at ease or tell me of the effects of claiming. Thank you
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