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  1. Hi all, just got a lovely cheque through this morning from A&L for £416.10. Thanks for everyone that has given me advice and helped me with my claim. Best of luck to everyone else who is reclaiming the charges. Many thanks Dnash20 ^_^ :DDD
  2. Hi all, just received a letter from A&L saying that they are going to defend the claim and go to court. Im abit nervous as i was really expecting them to cave in, so what do i do now. Will i need a solicitor or just let to work its way through the legal system. Also do i actually need to go to court aswell as ive been advised that by a friend that the court speaks to them on mybehalf. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all, ive just sent off my claim form you A&L last week and i now keep getting missed calls from them on my mobile. I think ive read somewhere on the site not to speak to anyone over the phone. Should i speak to them and find out what they want or just wait for the 14 days to expire?
  4. Any advice on this? Ive sent off my N1 form last week and ive found i had a missed call asking for me to call my bank. Should i call them back and find out what they want or just leave it and wait for the 14 days to expire?
  5. Well ive just sent my court claim letter off to A&L so ill keep you all posted. Thanks for all the people who have given me advice and assistance its much appreciated
  6. Yeah ive downloaded it and worked out the 8% interest. Comes to a whooping £5.40 but every little helps to stick it to the man. Also how do i work out the daily interest rate that it asks for on the N1 form?
  7. One more thing im abit stuck on. On the original schedule that i sent off i deleted the interest column because i didnt have an overdraft on my account and presumed i didnt have an interest rate on when i went "Overdrawn". Having checked back through my bank statements again ive noticed that A&L have been charging me interest for going into "my overdraft", it only works out to be 10-20p each time, but can i still claim this back and also the 8% even though im 3 days away from sending the Claim form??
  8. Hi folks, ive send off the LBA to A&L and got the usual letter back saying no refund blah blah blah. Its getting close the the 14 day cut off date now and i wanna take them to court but im abit unsure of the specifics. Ive printed off the claim forms but what do i do now? Also do i need a solicitor to do this because i cant really afford to pay for anything like that at the moment.
  9. Hi folks, ive just had a letter from Alliance and Leicester offering me £22.00 refund as Full and Final Settlement, im claiming £250. Ive looked through the website and found the one about Partial Refunds and im abit confused. Do i accept this but still send off the LBA or do i send them a letter refusing this offer then send in the LBA. If so where do i find the letter refusing the offer. Many thanks Dnash20
  10. Hi ive sent off my first letter about 2 months ago asking for a refund of all charges from Alliance and Leicester but surprise surprise they sent me a letter saying no. Since then ive run into financial trouble and they have charged me about £200 more. Is there a time frame ive got from the first letter as i want to get myself sorted out before i take legal action. I know i stated 14 days on the first letter but ive been to busy to follow it up yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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