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  1. I have spoken to the courts and they said there has been no out come from them yet so..till then nationwide will have to re open their case with me.. so I just have to wait because there is such a back log. thanx for advice though
  2. can some one please help me !! I had taken my case with nationwide to the courts and had been waiting well over a year for the out come. I have just found a letter from january which I hadn't noticed. It states. I am writing in responseto your complaint about flex accountoverdraft charges. As you will be awear from earlier letters sent to you, Nationwide(together with a number of otherbanks) has been involved in a court case with the offi9ce of fair trading(OFT) about overdraft charges. Whilst the court case progressed, we were allowed to put your complaqint on hold by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), who gave us permission to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with your concerns. As the court case has come to an end, we are now in a position to respond to your complaint. We believe that your complaint was about the level,fairness of Flexaccount overdraft charges. the courts have ruled that thees cgarges cannot be considered to be penalties under common law and the amount of the charges cannot be assessed for fairness under the Unfair Terems in Consumer Contract Regulations (UTCCRs). We do not therefore believe there is any legal basis on which the amount of these charges can be challenged. We are satisfied that the Flexaccont charges you were asking to have refunded were properly charged and the outcome of the court case confirms our view. As a result , your complaint has not been upheld and we will not be refunding the Flexaccount overdraft charges you have complainede about. I hope that what I have told you has explained our postion. However , if your complaint relates to an issue of fairness other than the amount of the charge, or if you believe that there are other factors that should be taken into account of the charge, or if you believe that there are other factors that should be taken into account in the way we have considered your complaint, please let us know by providing further details that we can review your concerns. If you are still not satisfied, you may then approach the Financial Ombudsman Service for an impartial, independent assessment of the situation. If you do not come back to us within 2 months of the date of this letter, we will close our file. The letter is dated january ( so does that mean it's the ends for me. I didn't recieve anything from the courts to notify me of any outcome. Can anyone please advise me
  3. phone calls at 9 on a sat morning !!..they are driving me crazy !!.. I don't know how to move this thread so if anyone can do that for me would really appreciate this..aaaahhhhh !!
  4. I can't remember but when I returned the car I did sign some thing..not sure what now it was so long ago. So what do I do now ?..they keep ringing me..Shall I go to citizens advice ?
  5. hi I remember at the time I paid by payment book and was told that I would not be able to return the car unless I HAD paid half the amount and everything had to be paid up to date as they would not take the car. So I asked them to check and they said I could return the car.
  6. Also I have no idea how they got my new address and phone number as I'm ex directory..and also leaving messages for my children to ring them
  7. hi there I brought a car from yes car credit in 2004 after paying it for a 3 years i couldnt afford to keep it. so after paying what i had to pay in order to be able to return the car i thought that was it. I was then sent a letter saying i had to pay an extra £699.01 this im not sure what its for, then was told by them it was admin fees. so I ignored it because as far as i was concerned all i had to do in my agreement was to pay half the amount that was on my agreement paid up to date then i could return the car owing nothing. I had since then moved and now im being harrassed by a second company called clarity for the money..harrassed by numerous phone calls and letters..they were extremely unhelpfull and rude. As i didnt have any original documents i sent a CCA request. I am none the wiser the statements show the opening balance was £8259.84 and last was -2256.64. on the original document : 2.2 Termination : your rights You have a right to end this agreement.If you do wish to do so,you should write to the person authorised to recieve your payments.We will then be entitled to the return of the goods and half the total amount payable under this agreement, that is £3672. 72 If you have already paid at least this amount plus any overdue instalments, you will not have to pay anymore,provided you have taken reasonable care of the goods. I'm really angry as I feel they are just trying to bully me into paying for admin fees. I'm adament I won't pay this and the last time I spoke to clairty they were threatening to send some one round to see me. I'm a single mum on my own with 3 kids and I really don't want anyone threatening me in front of my children. Can some one please advise me on what I should do as ive already recieved another letter from clarity and my phone rang all day yesterday, which im sure it was them.
  8. hi can anyone help me ? I started court proceedings against nationwide and im still waiting for the courts to let me know the outcome OVER a year ago ! Is this normal ? Iv phoned the courts 6 months ago and was told that i just have to wait as there was some big case going on with regards to charges and i would be contacted as soon as they make their decisons. Anyone give me some light on this ?
  9. i'v sent my first letter of 2 months ago..a couple of weeks ago a recieved a letter with a schedule of charges:mad: thats not what i requested..i'v tried phoning them the line is always of engaged..managed to get through to someone who assured me i would get my statements in the next couple of days..still nothing they are taking the ****..i'v spoken to someone in customer services today who told me they will send me my statements in the next 7 days..i'v taken their name as record... what shall i do if i still don't get them?
  10. I'm not convinced what they have sent me is a true list off charges because I can remember in some months there were quite a few charges and yet in the list there doesn't seem to be many???...I think this is their new way off getting out off paying people back what they really owe them? So can anyone suggest what I should do next...I've tried ringing them and the line is always engaged:(
  11. iv sent a letter with a cheque for 10.00..they'v cashed it and iv received a letter with a list of charges ..no statements..what do i do next?
  12. thanx for the advice.. its not a huge amount of money 156 pounds...do you think i should still take them to court? im quite happy to do it..if i get the money
  13. Hi Iv Received A Refund Of Half Of What I Want Back.iv Sent A Letter Saying I Would Only Accept This As Part Payment. Barclaycard Have Sent Me Another Letter .... Dear ........ I Note That You Are Dissatisfied With Our Offer Of .... However Our Position Remains That We Believe It Is Fair When Customers Break The Terms Of Their Agreementwith Us, We Recover The Costa. Therefore.i Am Not Prepared To Consider Your Request For Any Further Refund. As Previously Advised When Your Barclaycard Account Was Opened , You Signed And Agreed To Our Terms And Conditions And This Included Details Of Our Charges. The . The Information Provided At Application Stage Clearly Explains Our Obligations To Our Customers, As Well As Their Obligations To Us..........blah Blah Blah Can Someone Advise Me What I Need To Do Next?
  14. VICTORY!!!!! After taken advice from you guys and talking to a solicitors I withdrew my claim from the letting agents with much regret....I contacted trading standards and made a formal complaint against the letting agents..but was basically told there wasn't much they could do except log my complaint..anyway I wasn't going to give up so I sent them the following letter... Dear Mr Harrington, I am writingg to advise you that I have withdrawn my claim against your firm after seeking legal advice with much regret. I have been in contact with my landlady she has assured me she has not got any monies from my deposit.You have invoiced and charged me 275 pounds for clearing and cleaning the property.I have gained access into 14 ****road and have photographic proof this work was never done.(please find enclosed photos). You have also charged me for an extra weeks rent. Please find enclosed copy of print out from your firm which clearly states that I have been paying my rent on the 5th of every month since june 2005. Please note that I had advised a member of your staff on the 04/08/06 that I would be moving out by the 9th sept(Hannah) The actual date I moved out was the 8th sept.I came into your office on the 29th sept and paid 59.16 for the extra time I had stayed in the property. My calculations Deposit 900 deductions 2 arrears letters -25.26 deductions bounce4 cheque -29.38 = 845.36 Due to no work was carried out for the clearing and cleaning and to your staffs incompetance in keeping records you owe me 845.36, which you should pay to me immediately. I have made a formal complaint to Mr.***** at Trading standards in Brighton and Hove city council with regards to invoices which you have given me for work which was carried out and also photos showing this was not done(they have copies of this), I believe this is a breach of the Trade Description act 1968 you can discuss this matter with him if you wish on **** I do not know why you have withheld so much of my deposit except for personal gain. I can assure you that I will pursue this till I get my money back,my next steps would be to contact the local press and get my friends and family to protest outside your firm. In the interest of the reputation of your company you wouldn't want me to do that would you? I look forward to your response. I sent this by recorded delivery LORD AND BEHOLD!!..a cheque for 707.86 arrived the next day and the following letter.. Dear miss blah blah blah..........we do not take kindly to threats in relation to our office.If any protest is made outside our office we will have no choice but to request the local authority/police to arrest you for a nuisance. However to try and compromise this matter we now enclose a cheque in full and final settlement of your deposit in the sum of 707.86 being the 275 which we have clearly deducted and have taken place but we have divided this by 50% and now enclose the balance of the cheque.If you return this then we will have no choice but to continue to fight this matter through the courts which we will have no hesitation in doing so. ha ha!! Iv accepted the cheque only because my landlady has already given me 200 pounds...so Iv managed to get all my deposit back...Iv had to wait 6 months to get my deposit back...loads of stress bangin my head against brick walls...only to find good old fashion protest is the only thing that works.... good luck to everyone who's going through what I had to go through!!
  15. mr shed i know what your saying is correct. i cant sue my landlady iv built a very good relationship with her:( she's going to sue the agency for other things because she has found out they have ripped her off on other things as well....im not sure what to do? do you think she can add my claim with hers against the agents?
  16. hi i was given an invoice for the cleaning, but was only given an invoice for clearing off the garden when it went to court. it says its been paid but i know for a fact no work was ever carried out, and i can give foto evidence... my contract clearly states that the agents will hold onto my deposit till i had done everything on my part once i had moved out...i HAD done everything yet they'r clearly trying to rip me off im going to citizens advice on wednesday and im meeting a guy from trading standards....if the courts fail me then im getting a debt collector involved 2 try and get my money:mad: its principle!! they shouldnt be allowed to rob people like that:evil: will keep you posted
  17. my letting agents are withholding nearly 600 of my 900 deposit. they say its for cleaning bills. rent arrears etc. cut a long story short iv taken them to court to try and recover the money, but iv been informed i dont stand a chance of winning due to the fact they were acting on behalf of my landlady. i have evidence to proove that i dont owe them rent and fotos to proove that work was not carried out to the property which i was invoiced for. please can someone advise me on what to do next. i have 2 weeks to present my claim back to the judge
  18. hi there im going through the small claims court at the moment with regards to letting agent not giving me my full deposit of 900. i did everything that was requried of me, i cleaned the place from top to bottom and left no damage,paid all my ultiltiy bills and handed them in and the letting agent charged me 125 for cleaning the property(they showed me fotos )150 for clearing the garden (showed me fotos again few plant pots and toys) both i feel were unnesasary work that was carried out. there were no invoices for these till i took it to court. 200+ for extra weeks rent because they had failed to keep their records updated, plus charges for letters!! out of 900 they tried to give me a cheque for 350 f**king joke!! so i tried to take it to the small claims court and it has been a complete nightmare!! its been 5 months since i moved out. the courts are considering striking out my claim because the agents were acting on behalf of my landlady. i was told i should pursue my landlady for my deposit, iv been in contact with her and she has confirmed that she has not got the deposit(she has been extremely helpfull) so basically i have to sue my landlady who then has to try and get the money of the agents to give to me.. not an easy task! iv been told by a solicitor that i dont stand a chance:cry: anyway i went round to my landladys house(she now lives in my old property) to explain to her what was happening showed her the court papers and the fotos the agents had presented to the courts as proof that work had to be carried out... and to my surprise:shock: she told me no work has been carried out, the supposedly things that had to be fixed i.e plantpots marks on walls etc were still there!! iv got to take fotos of these things plus iv managed to get records to proove i dont owe extra rent and put them to the courts, its looking better but theres still no gurantees.. good news for others from april or may 2007 every letting agency have to be registered with a seperate agency(not sure what they'r called,but like govening body) and these seperate agency protects your deposit and if they'r not registered their not allowed to trade:)
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