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  1. Hi I wrote to Kelly Daniels of the Credit Referrals Department. She wrote "I wish to confirm that Experian has been instructed to amend their records to show a settled account showing the outstanding balance was paid on 26/02/07. I ma unable to remove the defauls status as requested, this was registered as a result of unpaid invoices raised between 03/11/2005 and 31/01/2006....."
  2. After I settled the amount Orange wrote to me confirming payment. I wrote back asking for the default removal - they replied saying they would update my file as settled but not remove default and enclosed the original unpaid bill - I wrote back to them responding to their letter explaing the circumstances including the letter sent to the debt collection agency prior to the default.
  3. I have written to them again but they have not replied edit: forgot my manners, thank you for your reply :-0
  4. Well I got the bank account no problem, but have now been denied finance on a car due to "something being on my record from a few years ago". This is really frustrating - Orange refused to remove the default, they said they would update my record showing the Defualt as settled - I wrote to them again explaining that the Default was not entirley my fault but recieved no reply. What is the next step here? I have a credit card, had car finance for two years that I never had issue with, have a cahoot loan that I have not missed a payment on. I am so angry about this.
  5. Sure I spoke to the my business manager he said that It was down o a default being made against me at an old address. I did the credit check on myself through Experian, it showed the defualt and - it was the Orange default. So now I have paid it do Igo back to Experian and re-check myself?
  6. Sure buzby have already done that, sending them a copy of the letter I go from Orange just worried what will happen if I apply for future credit/finance etc
  7. Ok - how would you recommend me sorting my credit file then buzby? Are am in pretty good health financially these days?
  8. Hi, I recieved a letter from Orange stating that the account had been settled and my records would be updated. I then received another letter from them saying they would not remove the default as I ha ben in breach of payment. Any recommendations where I should go now?
  9. Buzby I did a credit check on myself - the orange thing was the only issue. I wanted to change my bank account from barclays to Llloyds as I have my business account there - The bank manager there is close to my family confirmed that there was an issue with one of my previous addresses - he has opened a basic account but cannot give me a card etc he tried to overrule it but could not. He is a good guy understood the problem, said I need to get confirmation that the default had been settled. Its a real pain because I do not think that this is all my fault. Some of the blame need to be apportioned to Orange
  10. Thanks for the info Buzby. Appreciated I tried to open a bank acount and encountered problems due to this default - I have now settled the default with Orange - do you have any advice on how I can get it removed bearing in mind I have paid it? I have sent them a fax and then a letter requesting that the default is removed as I have paid the outstanding balance and also explained that the debt collction agencey never explained what the debt was for. I have recieved no reply as of yet. Any suggestions?
  11. Cheers I have not herad back form them for anbout 5 months since I wrote to them - so I guess I will contact them again
  12. Hi Over the last year I have paid of my graduate loan (there was £3,600K outstanding) My car finance (8K outstanding) I now have a very manageable 4.9K in debt 2.3K on a cahoot loan - 877 on an overdraft and 1.5K on a credit card. These debt are being cut monthly at a quick rate - the credit card and cahoot loan will be gone in the next few months. I have just done a credit check on myself and scored a measly 420points. There is one major blimp on my file and its from Orange for £266 - I was on dispute with them about a bill (they upgraded me without my consent) then said I had an outstanding balance??? I wrote to them explaing that I never upgraded and had indeed moved to another Network, Orange had given me my PAC code (they cannot do this without the contract being at its end). ITwas all a bit strange I wrote to the debt collectors them and asked for clarification and they kept changing their story (i work in telecomms so know what these companies can be like). They would not send me a bill for the outstanding balance, I never received a reply just had a debt collection company call me and not know what they were on about. On my credit check it says the Orange debt has gone to Default? What does this status mean and is there a way I can fix this?? I will pay it if I have to but is it too late now? Can I get this off my record? I have no issue paying this if It gets this off my record as I have worked hard on improving my credit rating over the last 18 months. Any advice gratefully received P.S is the right thread
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