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  1. Ok All, Bundles of letters sent, I have 6 sisters so going to get their permission and send another one to all from each, might ask my my grannies, aunties cousins etc, gotta be worth the postage! hehe ;-) K.x
  2. Dear Electric, I remember very well. Its is very frustrating, I am going to try and get the saty lifted undre the banking codes hardship clause, as am single mommy of a disable daughter, have no choice but to work full time and even then rely on benefits to top us up, will let you know how I get on. K x
  3. Thanks Hun, Will def have a read, and yes if I could have a peek at yours before I do mine that would be really helpful Kels. x
  4. Thanks Gaz, That would be great hun. I wont give up though, girl on a mission here! They will Pay, They will pay, They will pay! hahaha Pop us the link when you can sweetie. Cheers, Kels x
  5. Hey all, Was hoping i would find a thread like this to give me some light again been trying to reclaim since feb (woolwich/barclays), after the usual fuss I stuck to my times and got a court date of mid Oct due to volumes, now I find out its been stayed......Argghhhhhhhh! Going to use this letter and send as many copies as I can If enough of us protest they have to do something.....Dont they......? Kerryanna x
  6. Dear All, Its been a while, no success as yet although I did email Barclay direct but had no joy, also in addition the clerk I spoke to a couple of weeks ago seemed to have got my case confused with another, its all been a bit of a nightmare. In addition I have spoken to the court who advised that some cases are being stayed but you can contest it, no news on mine yet (scheduled for a pre-lim on 18/10). All I know is that I started claiming in Feb and seem no nearer to getting back what is mine! Anyone know if there is any other route or whether or not cos of this Test High Court case I will just have to sit....? Cheers, K.x
  7. Thanks Guys, Gonna take a long shot and see what happens Will let u all know ;-) x
  8. Hi Amanda, Tell me about it a total nightmare and thats just for the preliminary hearing. The lady at the court says every court does things differently and I am just wondering if this is their way of getting the banks to settle before the hearing date? What do you think? K.x
  9. Thanks Mama & Welshcakes. Have had a read and must say i am really confused now . I havent filled in a AQ (was not required) and I just spoke to the court who says that I need to attend the Preliminary hearing in Person to get the special directions. Maybe I have missed something? Also does anyone have any contact details in order for me to take a long shot with Barclays? K.x
  10. Dear All, Sorry its been a while. Just a quick update recieved letter from court today saying' DISTRICT JUDGE GRAND has considered the statements of this case and allocation questionaires filed (didnt file any) and allocated the claim to the SMALL CLAIMS TRACK. before this claim is listed for hearing, the judge has ordered that a preliminary hearing should take place because:- secial directions are needed in this claim to prepare for the final hearing which the judge would prefer to explain to you in person. The prelim hearing will take place at 14.00 hrs on the 18th October 2007 @ Dartford County Court, Court House, etc. Anywaone knows what this means....? And is it worth contacting Barclays to ask for settlement? Cheers All, K.
  11. Thanks Thailand, aprreciate your support and I know you are right. How are you trooper? I am gonna calculate every last penny and make sure they pay, to think positive is the best thing like you say, so I will. It will all pan out in the end - Roll on payday!! Gonna do the calucualtions again tonight to make myself feel better haha. Not gonna even attempt to contact barclays until I have a date. Cheers, K
  12. Hey Folks, I must admit i am feeling a little frustrated Just spoke to the court (as I havent heard a thing from them) and asked them if maybe I had missed any correspondence etc as the claim was passed to them 2-3 weeks ago, they said NO . As many others they advised me that mine is being bundled with many others and that I would prob be given a date some time in Sept thats another 4 months away . Suppose have done most of the leg work now and just have to wait but its so frustrating, feel like ringing Barclays now but will hold out, suppose I have waited this long. K.x
  13. Well done Delboy. Enjoy all of it hun. Kerryanna x
  14. Well done on your victory dellboy . Hopefully I wont be too far behind. Any update have the meanies paid up yet hun?? kerryannax
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