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  1. Hi All, I'm hearing a lot in the press/tv etc that the court system have started throwing claims out of court. Not sure what the situation is right now. Anyone experienced this ? Putting the jitters on me right now....:o :o
  2. Thanks both, bit nervy all this but I'm sticking to my guns
  3. Thanks dar£n, many thanks. So I add the interest onto the full amount at this stage ? Sorry to sound repetative, but I just want to make sure anything I send is correct and watertight. Cheers
  4. Hi All, Back again ! Had no response from Barclays with regards to my rejection letter, they've had 14 days to reply. Do I now send my LBA ? I'm a bit confused as how to contruct my LBA letter (want to get it right), Caz and co have gratefully given me some links, but I'm really not sure which one to use - help ! Thanks all...
  5. Thanks both, nice to have support around you in times like this. Will fill out my rejection offer today and post off ASAP. Thanks, Tats
  6. Caz, Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the guidance - it' priceless honestly. I'd be grateful if you could let me have the templates, then I can get my 'no thanks' reply off. What's the time frame between sending off the rejection and sending off your LBA ? Thanks Again...
  7. Hi All, Just got back my initial offer from Barclays, which is an insult to say the least. I assume I need to send off my LBA letter, does anyone have a 'template' for this and do I need to add the 8% interest at this stage ? From the posts I've read I need to give them 14 days then submit my court bundle - Is this the N1 form ? Thanks All...
  8. Hi All, just receive my letter of 'Sorry that your unhappy.....' etc etc - So now it's a matter of a waiting game until I receive my initial offer from Barclays (I assume). So can anyone confirm, that once this hits the doormat I compile my LBA letter ? Just want to make sure I get the correct sequence and I can get myself/paperwork prepared Thanks in advance to anyone replies, much appreciated
  9. Thanks BennyOwen, much appreciate your reply. Here goes, first initial letter beiong posted off today.
  10. Hi All, thanks for all the information on the site. There's a wealth of information on here and it's great to see. I eventually managed to get copies of my statements back from Barclays (had to try 3 times before they came through). I've managed to track through both my accounts and it looks like these guy's have charged me nearly £5k over the last 6 years. I'm in the process of compiling a letter to them asking for full reimbursement (I can here you all chuckling) but I have to start somewhere I suppose. Thankfully due to the help of everyone posting I've detailed the charges by the excel spreadsheet available on the templates link. But I'm unsure if I need to ... 1) Include interest @ 8% on my initial letter 2) Do I need to send them back my statements (alongside my letter and spreadsheet) If not then great, but could someone please let me know - I would much appreciate it. Thanks, Good Luck Everyone ..
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