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  1. markd

    HSBC Charges

    This topic was closed on 03/08/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. markd

    Carr v HSBC

    Joe, The cheque and letter came from HSBC not DG. It was an individually written letter where someone just changes the address and account details on their pc screen, but on this occassion the letter was addressed to one person, with the cheque made out to another person! The cheque was stapled to the letter. So, there was obviously no check that the name and address and the account number tied up, and no check that the cheque was being stapled to the letter with the same name on!! Sorry, but HSBC at fault, big time.
  3. markd

    Carr v HSBC

    Thing is though joe, the bank have c*cked up big style. This matter is now not only about the bank charges but the way that HSBC have handled themselves sending account details to someone else. The bank will try and stall on this, they can't be allowed to. They have breached DPA, there's no two ways about that, question is will they sort out a suitable arrangement or will they do their usual stubborn head in the sand act.
  4. markd

    Carr v HSBC

    Rob, I need to get in contact with you urgently. I think the bank have sent me your cheque and have made a big big cock up. :o Please pm me as soon as possible, I need to get in touch.
  5. Mr & Mrs Carr, if you are awaiting a cheque from HSBC then please pm me immediately. The bank have made a massive mistake and i need to get in touch asap.
  6. Hi Adri, I received an offer of about half what I was claiming. I wrote to them declining their offer saying I was going to pursue the whole amount they owed me.
  7. If you need to wait another couple of weeks til you get the money then thats fine, you haven't got to stick to the timetable rigidly! I was a few days over when I filed my online claim cos I had to wait til payday! As for court, don't worry about it, the chances of actually going to court are soooooooo remote!! The bank don't want to go to court, they will pay up before then!
  8. So you handed your prelim into the branch and they are denying all knowlege of it? I personally would say tough to them! If they want a copy of the prelim then send one by all means, but tell them that the timeline still stands from when you originally handed in the letter. If you went in personally and have the name of the person you gave it to then I think they are just stalling for time. Carry on working to your timeline Pinky!!
  9. markd

    Markd V HSBC

    oops, held up for a couple of dyas due to manic year end at work!! But claim filed online this morning for total of £4551.96 inc court fee!
  10. markd

    Markd V HSBC

    Hi all, just putting together my claim on MCOL. Didn't hear anything from HSBC after their original goodwill offer, so tomorrow morning my claim gets submitted online!
  11. markd

    Markd V HSBC

    This was something which worried me Weezy. I'd seen that your money had been paid into your account, and someone elses money had, even though a cheque had been asked for. I'm currently overdrawn with HSBC so don't want them to snatch it back from me through my overdraft!!!! (I need this money anyway as I'm starting a new job in a months time and need to find somewhere to rent!!!) But yes, I will give them a ring, and keep writing on all paperwork that I want a cheque!!!
  12. (w)Ho Says Banking's Corrupt????? :D :D
  13. markd

    Markd V HSBC

    Today sending my reply to HSBC's offer of £2000: Dear Mr Langdale, Ref: xxxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please find enclosed your letter of offer, returned unsigned. I am unable to accept your offer as a full and final settlement. My claim will continue as stated in my previous letters until the amount of £3648.00 is paid in full, by cheque. Yours sincerely Markd I file MCOL on Monday, so I doubt I will get a reply before my claim goes to small claims court!!
  14. Hi Gary, Telephone numbers I have for Leeds customer service team are: 0800 88 11 55 or 01226 261020 Hope these are of use!!
  15. markd

    Markd V HSBC

    First on the list is a new laptop!! Then some cd's..... then some clothes.... etc ..... etc ..... etc .....!!!!!!!
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