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  1. hi there , can any one help ? two yeoars ago i registerd a ltd company but did not start in buisness , after first year my ltd co tax return which was a zero was filed late , co house issued a £750 penalty for late filing , it has now progresed to small clains sumons stage , and i no have to pay the gov £750 for nothing , so i have to pay up , now the want costs as well , can any on tell me how much in costs they can charge me return date for case is tomorow , court date is 24th thank you
  2. i repalce discs 6 times a day and see lots of bad discs , cheep discs , rusty discs , your discs are junk , bad steel most likley , tell them to replace them now , do not apcept a skim
  3. i would tell them nothing , scrap the car or sell parts from it , i have got old cars everywhare like this they have never came looking for me yet ? , if they come tell them you sent back doc as scraped 5 years ago , tell yourself a few times and you will even remember the date you did it
  4. get some one to check that the engine speed sensor wires have not been traped between engine and g\box during re assembly , i have done this ? , car just wont go
  5. i had my home insured with rbs 2007-2008 when renewal came up it was too expensive , so i went to swinton , canceled rbs by phone , sent back docs with short note , all went well until 2009 , in comes rbs insurance renewal , soon found out they had not canceled , and had stolen 700 quid from my rbs bank account during 2008-2009 , contacted my branch thinking direct debit garentee ??? , now 7 months later they have had copys of swintons policy doc and lots of letters as proof that i had other insurance still wont give me my money back ,
  6. tam9933

    philips recovery

    Hi, I sent my V5 logbook in when my escort van was stolen and then scrapped over 2 years ago! but after writing a letter to DVLA, in response to a SORN fine, explaining the situation, I had no response and my case has simply been passed onto the Bailiffs "Philips Collection Services" who are demanding I pay the fine of £80 or face imprisonment or a £1000 fine!!! What can I do? I do not have any intention of paying the theivin government an other peny of my hard earned cash Any help, much appreciated!
  7. i am a self employed mechanic , i have a yard full of cars that no one has returned to collect , they have been left for estimates , or to have work done , the owners do not return telephone calls or say that they will collect their car but never do , when can i dispose of them ?
  8. christmas 2007 , i bought my 13 year old a lap top computer , the hard drive failed 13 month later , out of waranty . last month , computer 20 month old and broken , i contacted lenovo\ibm reminded them that goods sold in eu must by law have 24 waranty , had a few calls and threats back and forword with them , the computer is now repaired and has been upgraded to a 24 month waranty
  9. a shop keeper told me that you may park on double yelow lines for 7 minutes and not get a ticket , has any one heard of this ?
  10. i intend to make the phone call to clamping pound in the morning , i will remind them of vt30 rules tax exemtion and all that , and that they have taken my car against law , check that they are treating my car ok , i will get them to fax me a copy of sheet quoting goverment act that they fly with , and will post detals on site
  11. ncp claim that they have the right to enter a private yard , clamp and remove untaxed vehicles , and quote some goverment finance act gives them permision , with the exception of garage premises or house driveway , but clamping crews seem to thing if it is more that two inches from the premises it can be clamped my whole issue here is that
  12. sorry been busy, to reply to clamping king i thought in might get interesting if the car went to pound , so i left wheels on , i realy want to take ncp dvla on
  13. well,on friday afternoon the clater of chains was heard and off went my astra to the dog pound, complete with vt30 tax exemption in place , driver said dont care , call the pound and pay up.
  14. yesterday for the second time in 6 months ncp clamped a car at my garage premises (in private yard), i expained to the clamping crew that the vehicle has vt30 and is exempt from foad tax just now , reply was dont care take it up with the clamping controller in glasgow , this time i want to make a police complaint and have them charged with somthing , like breech of my peace or somthing , any ideas ? , a small tip to all , if car gets clamped remove a wheel for some kind of urgent repair , they are not able to lift the car with street lifter truck
  15. car is exempt from having road tax and mot for the journey to mot station only after you have made an appointment , if you pass tax exempt to return home , if you fail you get vt30 on vehicle , you are mow exempt from tax and mot , to and from place of repair , and back to mot station
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