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  1. i did send them registered mail but im not 100% sure if i still have the receipt for every bit of mail ive posted to them..does this matter?
  2. just got this through from the court saying that barclays have filed a defence. Ive got no idea what ive got to do with it? on the second page it says " it is ordereed that : - 1. the filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the district judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise". Ive no idea what that means either Also under the defence part barclays state "the particulars of claim do not provide details or particulars of the account in question and /or the precise charges alleged to have been unlawful, or the date thereof......... etc etc". There saying that although i have now sent off 3 lists of charges to them. Do i notify the court and say that there lying or maybe send them through yet another list of charges?
  3. its from barclays customer relations, leicester. Im still addressing my letter to the churchill place address though, is that ok?
  4. received an offer of £900 for my £1600 claim, do i have to notify the court of this offer even though its being rejected?
  5. ah rite ok, its just i did mine and my mums at the same time and my mums was acknowledged within the first couple of days.
  6. barclays have two days left to acknowledge my claim. What happens if they dont acknowledge it? do i win automatically?
  7. so they submit a defence and then want to settle out of court? doesnt seem to make sense to me
  8. yuo say they WILL settle out of court? how many claims actually make it inside the court room? are they usually settled like 5mins before or something?
  9. im claiming for both me and my mum, my mums claim was acknowledged today, is there anything i need to do? or just wait to hear more? what does the judgment column mean on mcol?
  10. ok thanks, so what should i write to accompany my list of charges? just write a letter giving my claim number and a short letter saying "please find enclosed my list of charges" or something like that?
  11. im trying to sort out getting both mine and my mums money back. Applied for both court dates seperately and receive a "notice of issue" saying "your claim was issued on the 25th may 2007, the court sent it to the defendant by first class post on the 25th may 2007, and it will be deemed to be served on the 30th may 2007, the defendant has until the 13th june 2007 to reply". At the bottom of the letter it says "the claim form must be served on the defendant within the 4 months of the date of issue" What claim form is it talking about? Also am i not meant to send off two lists of all the charges that have been made against me by barclays to the court? also do i have to prepare a court bundle and what is this? ALSO my mums claim was £6500, i heard that i should have kept it below £5000 as above this she will not go to a small claims court? as you can probably tell im in a little over my head PLEASE can someone give me some help as to what ive got to do next as this is really stressing me out thanks alot
  12. cool, thanks again, is it ok to stick my court fees in like so: Claimant claims: return of the amounts debited of £1,343.66; Interest per S.69 County Courts Act 1984 of 8% - £181.92 continuing at 8% until judgment or settlement at a daily rate of £0.33; The court fee of £120.00; Alternatively, if the charges are a fee for a service, then they must...........
  13. do i have to send a new list of charges including 8% interest to my bank when i make my claim?
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