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  1. makes you wonder if you are on the system in a que waiting for refund why some get it before people that have been waiting longer , i was waiting for 2 amounts for 2 accounts , the deadline is up next thursday yet i got 1 of the payment today and not the other ? yet the guy told me on the phone they were both put in through together , work that out ? he said even though it dont seem right he cant chase it untill next thursday , they sure like to use the deadlines when it suits them
  2. well my time limit is not up yet , was just anoid with being told that it would not take 14 days , now it looks like it might be longer grrrr
  3. any luck yet hedgehog0045 ? i have been told today mine might not go in next week either due to them busy , makes you so mad dont it when you waiting lol
  4. i settled with them a week yesterday , i rang yesterday cause the women said it would not take that long , the guy said 14 working days which makes it a week on thursday , he said if it is not in by then ring us , never said anything about a delay .
  5. as your money been deposited in your bank yet since your settlement last friday ?
  6. i have sent you a private message georgel29
  7. glad you got your money phil , i am still waiting for mine to go in the bank , settled last monday , got another week to wait i guess as it does state 14 days .
  8. sorry the number is 012123410685 , kim hollyoaks .
  9. hi des , i just got a settlement from the bank on monday after ringing kim hollyoaks , she will personally look into your account on ringing her and what she did with me was ring me back within 20 minutes and said she would only offer partial payment , i said no chance , then she asked me how much i would settle for , the claim was £684 , i said £650 and she agreed straight away , i thought rather than have to file to court id settle
  10. which adress is it for credit cards where i send postal order and letter
  11. hi you i have a halifax one card which i get hit for on charges every month , they charge me £12 for overlimit fee and £12 for late payment fee , i honestly dont no though how long it as only been that , maybe before it were more , i rang to get statements for this account were told they would charge me £5 for each statements and would totall prob over £100 , when i questioned this , the women said it is different to a normal bank account , someone else said just send you £10 postal order along with the first letter and they will send them , what do you think ? which letter do you send first for the credit card account ? is it different to a normal current account letter ?
  12. i rang her yesterday afternoon , i have 2 accounts , she agreed to £420 on 1 and £230 on the other , and the letters i got today 2of for each account just acknowledged what we agreed yesterday on the phone and stated the same that it will be in my accounts in 14 days , you got 1 of your payments quick then , she did say it were certainly not taking 14 days for them to put it in , there doing it pretty quickly , we will see , as you i keep checking my accounts .
  13. hi again phil , i received a letter this morning of kim hollyoaks confirming our settlement so not so worried now , i have got nothing to sign back , just that the money will be in my account in 14 days , pretty quick of her cause this was only yesterday .
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