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  1. Thanks! I'm off to the bank tomorrow. Put cheque in new account, then go to A&L once it's cleared, and "politely" inform them that I would like to close my account!!!
  2. I've won!!! After reading the threads yesterday, and debating dropping out, I looked today, and the MCOL stated defence. Rushed home expecting a letter from a solicitor, and instead found a cheque for £2536.12 waiting!!! My advice - don't be scared into dropping out. Keep going - it's worth it in the end!!!
  3. Help please - my claim was acknowledged etc, and A&L are putting in a defence, which they have 28 days to do. Do the bank holidays for Easter count in this, or not? Thanks! Liz
  4. I've received a letter from A&L this morning with a copy of their Acknowledgment of Service. Does this mean they now have 28 days to repsond? Thanks!
  5. Claim has been accepted by court. A&L have until 22nd April to respond. No going back now!!
  6. Got second bog off letter. About to do the court thing. Starting to get a bit scared..............
  7. Fingers crossed for you redgemini!
  8. I knew people were going to say that!! Apparently patience is a virtue. I don't do patience!!! Thanks for your help! Liz
  9. Help! Have received reply to the prelim letter after 7 days - standard letter, charges are fair, etc etc. Would you wait another 7 days before sending off LBA (as advised), or just go for it? Thanks! Liz
  10. Thanks for your help guys. I just want my dosh back!!! Liz
  11. I posted the first letter yesterday. Anyone got any advice on how long they may take to reply? Also, if they reply before 14 days is up, should I just send LBA straight away, or wait. Sorry - seemed like a good idea when I was reading other peoples posts, and now getting a bit scared!
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